Seed Banks – Saving History & Agriculture

8 Apr

By: Tisha Casida

While listening to The Thomas Jefferson Hour, I was reminded of the importance of saving seeds, especially heritage-varieties that are sometimes near extinction.  Why near extinction?  The “conventional” agriculture approach of mono-cropping (only growing one crop), and the relatively new phenomena of genetically-modified (GM) crops contributes to the downfall of “normal” and heritage or heirloom seeds.

Because agriculture has went from many smaller farms to fewer huge agri-businesses, our land and soils have become chemical-dependent versus earth-dependent (as was noted in this program).  And this can hurt the soil, the seeds, and basically the food supply and humanity as we know it.

So praise God, there are numerous individuals, organizations, and companies stepping up to the plate to “save seeds” literally.  Please support these companies this Spring when you purchase seeds, and then start saving seeds yourself – it is our duty to our food supply and to future consumers.

Here are some great resources for you:

Victory Seeds

Survival Seeds

Saving Our Seeds

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


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