OPINION: Unsustainable Debt

9 Apr

Another story about the amount and unsustainable nature of the amount of debt our country is incurring and will continue to incur in the President’s 2011 budget is not revisited.

How is it possible that the leaders of this country knowingly pass budgets that cannot be paid for?  And why in the world would some of these folks thinks that a TAX (value-added tax) would be the “cure” to raising more revenues when people are struggling beyond belief now?

The solution is to stop spending money we don’t have!  That is certainly what they would tell me and my company if I were doing what they are doing.  And doesn’t it sound so simple yet “they” would tell you how complex it is and tell you that such a move would be impossible and hurt us?  IT WILL HURT US NO MORE THAN IF WE CRUSH OUR ENTIRE ECONOMY.  As a matter of fact, we should wipe the slate clean and start over.

I am not an economist, I am not an “expert” in fiscal policy, I am not a politician.  I am an American and a small-business owner.  I think these guys should stop the income tax (which is arguably illegal anyway) (and so many people already DON’T PAY) (ever notice how honesty and working hard doesn’t pay off?), institute a flat-tax, and let people WORK, let people interact with a truly free-market.  Drastic times call for drastic measures – that does not mean catapulting over 300 million people into a unsustainable future with more taxes and more debt.

There MUST be a solution, and it is up to us the American people to find leadership to institute such, as well as become leaders ourselves.

-Tisha Casida


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