Government Intervention of Salt

23 Apr

These are the kind of things that make me apoplectic.

The over-abundance of salt in foods is a “public health crisis” according to Rep. Rosa DeLauro from Connecticut.

Yes, people eat too much salt.  The reason is because they are eating WAY TOO MANY PROCESSED FOODS.  Which is their choice.  It is people’s choice to read the label of the food they are eating, it is people’s choice to ignore it.  It is people’s choice to make decisions that affect their health.  Period.  Government intervention and regulation of how much salt goes into foods is just another dangerous addition of red tape into various sectors of businesses.  If they regulate big business – they will regulate the small ones too – and that affects small business owners like myself.

Any time there are additional regulations (and God knows that we DO NEED SOME regulations), regulations that go BEYOND protecting people’s liberty and the free market, one must really look at the consequences of such.

People make choices about what they eat – that is called freedom. If we need the government to tell food manufacturers what to cook for us, we are in big trouble.

Whole story is HERE:

By: Tisha Casida


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