Protect the 2nd Amendment – This is Our Country & Constitution

3 May

What is it that protects our individual liberty and sovereignty?  It is us – WE THE PEOPLE!  How do we do that?  Through our constitution – specifically through the first and second amendments which are integral to our freedom and rights.  Gun ownership is a liberty that each of us can enjoy, and although many people disagree with being armed, it should not be a disagreement that takes away others’ rights.

As it is often said, “Guns don’t kill people – People kill people.”  That is the truth.  When someone takes a weapon and decides to infringe on another human being – that is because of a problem with the person, not the fact that they had a weapon.

Charlton Heston has created a video, it is eloquent, and if you have some time to watch, reminds us of many components that are integral to our constitution, freedom, and country.

– Tisha Casida


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