EYES on 2nd Amendment Rights

11 May

The Arms Trade Treaty, which will likely be pushed by the United Nations as we near 2012, represents threats to our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Those who desire having such a universal declaration against arms may believe that weapons in the hands of individuals are dangerous.  I believe that those who support such a treaty have not fully investigated what is really dangerous – evil people.

Guns do not kill people.  PEOPLE kill people.  And unfortunately, those that have evil motives are often the first people to find ways around any type of legal barrier to obtaining weapons.  The innocent people, who need weapons to defend themselves against the lunatics, are then harmed by such legislation.

Anti-gun activists may want to protect kids, protect wildlife, etc.  However they must be cognizant that with a universal treaty like that of the Arms Trade Treaty, that liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot be defended by We The People.  It is the opposite of safety – the 2nd Amendment is what keeps us safe!

The government’s role is to PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION and the RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE.  Many actions that the government takes today are the opposite of that.

Please read up on the Arms Trade Treaty, and see this excellent post about its affect on American gun ownership.

– Tisha Casida


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