Liberty on the Rocks

18 Aug

– Tisha Casida

Myself and operations manager Steve Thompson had the opportunity to attend a Liberty on the Rocks meeting in Colorado.  This was the most receptive and friendly group of liberty-lovers that we had seen in awhile.  Founder Amanda Teresi is helping this fine group to organize chapters all over the country.  She can be reached through the website at

The speaker at the event was Chairman of the Board of Molson Coors, Pete Coors.  He encouraged us to “keep fighting the battle” as well as recruit more warriors in the name of liberty, free markets, and taking personal responsibility.

Thank you to Liberty on the Rocks and to Jeff Sacco, the leader for the Red Rocks Liberty on the Rocks chapter, for allowing us to be there and for being supporters and promoters of liberty!

Publisher Tisha Casida with Chairman of the Board for Molson Coors, Peter Coors



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