The Liberty Bus Tour – Day 3 Musings

31 Aug

When one hands out a Constitution of the United States of America, and is refused by someone who replies “Oh, I don’t want one of those,” what is one to think?  Perhaps they feel that people who embrace constitutional principles are too conservative; sure, I guess that makes sense.  Or perhaps they feel like they already know enough.  As a fairly libertarian thinker, I often feel as if people pre-judge anything having to do with liberty as “right”,  “conservative”, even “republican”.  If they have pre-judged the constitution as this, and are of the “liberal” mindset that embraces more seats at the table for the federal government, then wouldn’t they actually be more apt to espouse the rules and guidelines for our country?  If those who enjoy government intervention and social welfare initiatives truly love these things, shouldn’t they want to know the rules and guidelines for the entire country – the constitution?

It is funny how far away we are from how our country was founded – with people who gave life and limb for the freedom to speak, to worship God, to own property – to people who turn their head and heart away from what makes us all Americans – liberty.

Stopping in Searchlight, Nevada, we were a little apprehensive of our 40-foot bus and van plastered with liberty-oriented words and symbols (thinking that Harry Reid’s old stomping grounds were very pro-Harry Reid).  However, the community members that we spoke to were quite upset at the situation at-hand.  It is “out of hand”, and these people in positions of power are capitalizing off of their position in government as “public servants”.  The consensus seemed to be that Mr. Reid has been in there too long.

Gordy brought up an excellent point – when a representative capitalizes off of information about property, business ventures, or government-contracts – isn’t that a bit like insider trading?  When a representative becomes cognizant of land being used for a multi-million dollar construction project, and purchases that land at a discount or otherwise gains ownership of that land (then later selling it at a premium to the government), isn’t that a bit like having insider-information and making a purchase/sell decision based off of that?

We thought so.  If businesses can’t do it – why can our representatives, or public servants in our government?

Founder of The Good American Post, Tisha T. Casida, is traveling across the country with the Liberty Bus from Liberty in America.  Join he through the adventure here at


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