The Liberty Bus Tour – Day 4 Musings

1 Sep

We use words to communicate.  Our words, definitions, connotations, and ideas behind these words can help us to advance a cause or stifle us in our opinions.

Liberal – what does this mean now?  People who are socially progressive?  Progressive – what does that mean now?

Conservative – what does that mean now?

Take the base of these words:

Liberal = liber/liberty “to be free”

Progressive = progress “to move forward”

Conservative = conserve “to conserve resources”

I am going to make a point – that we are all Americans.  Possibly different ideologies, but basically, we are all the same thing.

Environmentalists want to protect resources, well, so do hunters and fishers.  Conservation specialists and ranchers want to conserve resources, well, so do people who love the environment (reduce, re-use, recycle).  People who love natural wellness and health seek out alternative medicine because this is not yet heavily regulated by the government – conservative thinkers agree that the federal government has too much power, that includes too much power and force in our food and medicine/drug supply.

As humans we try to find words to explain feelings and emotions, but then we often mislead ourselves into thinking that these words pigeon-hole everyone into a category, which can then have very negative connotations and repercussions on society.

What to do?  Stop finding definitions for people and instead look at them for what they love, what they value, and what they want.  We may be surprised that often it is the very same thing.

Founder of The Good American Post, Tisha T. Casida, is traveling across the country with the Liberty Bus from Liberty in America.  Join he through the adventure here at


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