The Liberty Bus Tour – Day 1 Reflections

21 Sep
The Liberty Bus sits outside of downtown Pueblo, Colorado

Day 1

Officially my journey started at 7:46PM, MST on August 28, 2010.  We made it about 100 feet before pulling into Loaf N’Jug – cigars for Gordy and an emergency pack of American Spirits for me.   Although I have always had faith in my own personal strength, patience, and vicissitude – I have never been on a bus traveling across the country; hence, nicotine.

We are now heading south on I-25 towards Santa Fe.  It is actually the next morning; we stayed at a very nice KOA run by Denny Matthews – it was situated near Las Vegas, New Mexico (  He cooked us a hearty breakfast this morning and sent us on our way – Godspeed Denny!

Lessons learned thus far:  I do not fit into a size 5/6 pair of sandals no matter how princess-like I believe my feet to be.  And, isn’t it amazing the spirit of Americans – traveling like nomads across the country – seeking peace, experiencing companionship, enjoying nature.  Freedom and the ability to go anywhere we want and do anything we want is what made this country so great.  An ability to take responsibility and be self-sustainable – to survive, on our own, without anyone else’s help, power or influence is what has embraced Americana and brought millions of people to this country from all over the world.

The crisp New Mexico air chants – survival, I am free, I move, I breathe – I am free.

Founder of The Good American Post, Tisha T. Casida, is traveling across the country with the Liberty Bus from Liberty in America.  Join he through the adventure here at


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