The Liberty Tour – The Week After

1 Oct
Kurt & Trevor from and Tisha Casida from Good American Post at Nullify Now Tour in Ft. Worth, Texas


The 20 days traveling on the Liberty Bus offered many lessons and opportunities that I would have never had otherwise.

The highlight of this trip was meeting the folks from and Nullify Now  – people that love liberty and stand for liberty – citizens that represent this great country: hard-working, loving, and responsible people.  The Good American Post and Nimble Pig are very excited to continue our relationship with these folks and will look forward to promoting many of their events and initiatives that will be occurring across the country.

I learned that 500K + followers of the Ron Paul campaign are sometimes called “peons” by the elite establishment.  The anger I have towards the people that have the audacity to think this way will be reflected in the fact that these hundreds of thousands of liberty-lovers are the saving grace of this country and our true weapon against this establishment.  The people will prevail.

I learned that the road to professionalism has everything to do with being able to connect yourself to those that make consuming and voting decisions, I learned that in order to work with small businesses and “talent”, it is necessary to decentralize power and allow individuals to take responsibility for their actions.  A corporate culture of command and control does not work with local economies, small businesses, and We The People.

I learned that it is possible to shrink a human stomach, and that it is possible to find natural and organic health food stores in most towns, and that most of those places smell of vitamins and have people wandering around who look like they need vitamins and supplements (which seems to be a phenomena).

I learned that there are plenty of conservatives who like organic and natural food as much as I do, and that wearing “flip-flops” or sandals does not necessarily indicate that you are unprofessional, unintelligent, or unworthy of human approval.  I learned that there are conservatives who are vegetarian, and as I have many times indicated, there is nothing wrong with that.

I heard a man say “Be careful of whose toes you step on today, because those may be the feet you are kissing tomorrow”.  I believe that people should be treated with respect, even if you disagree with them.   Creating that kind of dialogue will be absolutely necessary to “save” our country.

I believe in the future of this great country.  I believe in the “nobodies” that apparently make up the consuming public and electorate.  And I believe that liberty is worth every bit of pain and sacrifice that each of us can engage in to preserve such.

Founder of The Good American Post, Tisha T. Casida, is traveling across the country with the Liberty Bus from Liberty in America.  Join he through the adventure here at


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