Overcoming Opposition

6 Dec

I suppose we all get to the point where we break down.  From stress, from pain, from confusion, from struggles – a human being reaches a point where they seek to end discomfort.  Where they seek to change, or to avoid the feelings that they feel.

Being a small-business-owner since I graduated from college, I have faced quite a bit of opposition.  From people who have not believed in me, from people who have judged me, from people who think I am too young to know anything, from people who have discounted who I am and what I do.  And that has been painful.

I have beat my head up against the wall in disbelief that people do not adhere to smart business practices, that they make judgements before having facts, and that they blatantly ignore reality in an effort to avoid pain.  That is weakness, in my opinion, and not easy to deal with when you are in the business of helping people to thrive, excel, and overcome opposition.

I believe in the individual, the small-business-owner, the farmer, the soldier, the people that are WILLING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their actions.  These are the people that I am encouraged by when I have been so disappointed by  many people who are wasting their lives away.

So tonight, as I gather my thoughts, look at my list of people who have not emailed or called me back, and question why anyone would run a small business or governmental organization that way, I remember that that is why I am who I am, and that my clients, friends, and family who continuously break these barriers of complacency and laziness will thrive and exceed all expectations.  They are the leaders – WE are the leaders – and we shall overcome opposition.  We will fight, we will resist, and we will make our communities and countries a great place to live and work.  WE are strong, and WE are Americans.


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