Beat Cancer – Prevent It!

22 Jan

Children getting cancer should prove to us that there is something very wrong within our environment and with the food that we are consuming.  A small case can be made for genetic dispositions and characteristics – the fact is that this should be a severe warning sign for us as a population.

In Canada, a four year old with breast cancer was recently treated with a double mastectomy .  The wonders of modern detection and treatment should be praised, however, what should be questioned is the lack of research determining the cause of this – why are four-year-olds getting cancer?

Cancer is when abnormal (sick) cells proliferate uncontrollably, sometimes just growing and sometimes spreading throughout one’s body.  What causes abnormal/sick cells?  Toxins in the environment that are able to enter our bodies, toxins in our food that are ingested.  There is probably even the case that emotional characteristics can cause cells stress that then make them sick or mutate.  In any of these three cases, we know what these toxins are, we know what stress is, hence, we know how to PREVENT (as much as we can) cancer from even starting.

After a bout of sickness in my youth, I was propelled to learn about the amazing amounts of poisons we put in the environment, as well as into our bodies.  Our centralized food supply is highly dependent upon chemicals that not only make toxins a necessary part of the growth of food, these chemicals also deplete the nutrient-dense soil that actually produces healthy food.  Add to this the toxins in our homes (cleaners, artificial fragrances, offgassing from home construction, etc.), and air quality in most urban networks that is questionable at best – and you have a toxic soup.

Solution?  We can control our environment as much as we possibly can, and we can also purchase foods that actually nourish our body and combat the creation of sick and abnormal cells.  We can get to know who actually produces our food – Know Your Farmer, Know Your Rancher.  We can seek out cleaners and other components of our household that do not have harsh and dangerous chemicals in them.  We can put on our body (lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics) items that do not have toxic ingredients.  Step by step, ingredient by ingredient, meal by meal – we can change what we do to prevent the many forms of cancer which plague our world, especially our children.

A four-year-old that has to have a double mastectomy is enough for me to do everything in my power to create a healthier world for my own kids and grand-kids, and I hope it does this for you as well.


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