The Beauty of New Faces in Congress

10 Feb

The best thing to fight corruption in government is to make sure to get new faces to vote in the House and Senate.  Lobbyists and the like “face a daunting task as they swarm Capitol Hill — simply because many of the freshmen are a mystery to the lobbying world” (Samuelsohn, 2011). All of the new representatives (90 house members and 15 senators), are making it more challenging for lobbying interests to reach them all with their message.  This challenge and new hurdle is what out country is all about.

Our system of governance has checks and balances – when those fail, the best thing that we can do is vote in or vote out representatives.  If your district or state has someone in office that could be considered a “career politician”, get them out of there!  If your district or state has someone that is “not experience” as a politician and instead is a hard-working American, get them in there!

In 2012, our country again has the opportunity to choose representatives that listen to ‘we the people’, as well as stand a chance at being an “honest” and transparent citizen who actually represents the interests of the American people and not the lobbying efforts of countless groups and corporations.

Get new faces in congress – visit for more information on how to do that.


Samuelsohn, D. (2011, February). K Street takes lawmakers to school. Politico. Retrieved on February 10, 2011 from
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