Did You Know?

19 Feb

As of right now, there are 373 bills in the Senate, 719 bills in the House, 6 joint resolutions in the Senate, 36 joint resolutions in the House, 6 concurrent resolutions in the Senate, 18 concurrent resolutions in the House, 58 resolutions in the Senate, and 94 resolutions in the House.


If each of these bills, resolutions, joint resolutions and concurrent resolutions contain 2,000 words each (a conservative estimate), and the 435 members of the Senate and House are reading the bills that are going through both legislative chambers at approximately 250 words per minute (an average of what most people can read), then each person would have to be able to have 174.67 hours to be able to read the legislation (and that’s at 2,000 words for each piece – the recent health care legislation is nearly 185,000 words).


That is equivalent to 5 weeks of time if they were able to dedicate 30 hours per week to the task. Event this estimate of time for reading is unlikely given the amount of time our representatives have to discuss, lobby, be lobbied to, and engage in the normal activities of eating, drinking, etc. The lesson? How about getting rid of some versus adding more legislation?


View the bills at OpenCongress.org


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