Could Taco Bell be the End of Humanity?

21 Mar

Reprinted with Permission for

Recently, anger over the price increase from $.99 to $1.49 for a Beefy Crunch Burrito, ended in a shoot-out where (thank the forgiving God/Universe that must exist) no one was hurt or killed.


Which makes me think to myself – could Taco Bell be the end of humanity as we know it?  Oftentimes, with my ever-smaller-circle of friends, we have discussed the probability of the end of times and still having a line of cars at Taco Bell wondering where everyone went.  Which is a funny picture, a sarcastic view, and a pretty saturnine glimpse of what happened the other day at a Taco Bell in San Antonio.


Granted, food prices are going up – I know because my mostly-natural diet has went from organic chicken to organic chickpeas in an effort to cut costs.  I am angry about it too, but I am not taking my .38 with me to the grocery store except to protect myself from people like the one that blew up at the poor worker at Taco Bell.


The instance that happened, however, illustrates people’s short-temperedness and the audacity to take it out violently on people completely unrelated to the cause of the problem.  The “recession” or whatever you want to call it that is taking place in our economy is thanks to people and institutions that are an atrocity to peace, prosperity, and liberty.  And the best means to stop it is to pick up a Constitution, grow a garden, and get to know people in your community.   As someone eloquently said, “Put down your pitchforks, and pick up your shovel”.  A peaceful creation of something productive and prosperous to counter the problems we face (including rising food prices) would work.  And, it would be much healthier for one’s body and brain than eating at Taco Bell anyway (no offense delicious 35% beef Beefy Crunch Burrito).


Sad, that just 175 years ago, soldiers were screaming “Liberty or Death” at the Alamo, seated in San Antonio – not Beefy Crunch or Death.  I believe the “enemies” are different – but our liberty and our sanity as we know it are dependent upon us becoming healthier, more self-reliant, and closer to our communities.


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