Day 1 – Scouting Along the I-25 Corridor

19 Jun

A Historic Steam Engine at the Pueblo Union Depot

Dear America,

Today was a journey along I-25 through Pueblo, Walsenburg, and Trinidad.  We looked for businesses in the area that have products and services that we can appreciate and use throughout the campaign.  Here is a highlight of what we found:

1. Bingo Burger: Delicious all-natural grass-fed beef patties served with house-made fries and custom dipping sauces – DELICIOUS!  Their meat is sourced locally from Cattlemen’s Choice Beef, and they make their fries using San Luis Valley potatoes.  No start of a journey is complete without a resounding protein-filled snack that you can trust where it came from.  In addition to this, they offer a lamb-burger and eggplant (vegetarian) option.

2. HopScotch Bakery: Close to Bingo Burger in more ways than one, we had to top that burger off with a classic “Mary-O” cookie.  Another business in Pueblo that sources some ingredients locally, this is the place to stop for a sweet treat in the downtown area.

3. Cigars Limited: Another specialty store on Union Street, our trek would not be complete without a cigar.  We were now off to Trinidad.

While driving south and enjoying the cumulus clouds that signal Spring thunderstorms, I did a lot of thinking about the state of the economy in Southern Colorado.  I have heard that Colorado lags behind other states in recovering, however, the southern part of the state is in even worse shape.  As I drive with a full belly, I think of so many people who are having to make choices between feeding their family and paying their utility bill – it is a story I am hearing more and more of.  It is a story that needs a happy ending.
Once to Trinidad, we find a great location to host a “Coffee with Casida 2012” – a fine coffeeshop and diner called “What A Grind“.  Here, we enjoy some espresso and coffee and plan additional parts of our journey.

While on the road again, I contemplate the 200,000 people we hope to touch with our journey, and how many people so far have shared their story and their passion.  I believe that we are all here on this planet to learn about ourselves and each other, and that freedom is the best medium to make that happen.  And I am so blessed to live in a free country.
Onto tomorrow,


Front-View of the Steam Engine (Dagny Taggart would be proud)


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