Day 6 – Ice Cream Trucks, Farmers Market Regulations, & Brown Rice Tea

24 Jun

I had to throw in the ice-cream truck because as I walked outside I heard in the air the melody to “When the Saints Go Marching In” and saw a nicely decorated vehicle advertising delicious ice cream treats driving by.  It is amazing that they are still able to operate with the immense amounts of rules and regulations that local health departments are privy to making them follow.

In this past week I have talked to several small producers in the Southern Colorado area that have a bad taste in their mouth with local regulations, especially those from health departments.  Now, there is a place for having a health department, so let’s not jump to the conclusion that I am saying there should not be some type of governmental agency involved on some level.  However, when the health department actually HALTS the development of small businesses because of layers and layers or red tape and stagnating procedures, that is really unproductive.  We had first-hand experience with the Farmers’ Market that we ran in Pueblo, Colorado.

Are there specific rules and regulations that you would like to tell us about?  I would sure like to know – it is time that we work together with local governments to make it easier for small businesses to not only keep their doors open, but also thrive.

This evening I am sipping on a favorite drink of mine that I thought I should mention because it is very good for one’s immune system.  Brown Rice Tea – and I would try to find an organic brand – is packed full of antioxidants, Vitamin B (great for stress), and other minerals.




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