Day 7 – Justice Will Be Served

25 Jun

A potential cure for cancer – we have it, we have had it for awhile and the powers that be at a federal level don’t want you to have it.  In other words, there are men and women who have suppressed the cure and have propagated disease – whose souls will one day see justice.
When I was very young, I picked up a book called “World Without Cancer” (published in 1974 by G. Edward Griffin) and tried to figure out why the U.S. government would ban a natural substance called laetrile (vitamin B-17).

Today, someone passed onto me information on a movie called “Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business”.  It is an illustration that money, greed, and unlimited power at the federal level is actually killing people.  By neglecting cures, and propagating poison, there is blood on the hands of many people who have made these decisions and continue to ignore the truth.

The human body is an amazing machine, and one’s spiritual temple – disease is a sign that something is not right.  There are numerous things we can do to prevent disease, and there are potential cures that EXIST and that HONEST doctors have known about for over 30 years (maybe much longer).  Surprisingly enough, the FDA does not seem to support these cures.

Shame on those who have tried to stop Dr. Burzynski and numerous other doctors who have cured cancer – I pray that every American who reads this takes the time to watch and purchase this movie – justice will be served.




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