It is time to get back to our roots.  People from around the world and around the country are leaving the masses of a centrally-organized food supply and investing in farm and ranch-land that can produce food for themselves, their families, and their communities.  Whether it is one acre, ten acres, or hundreds and thousands of acres, now is a great time to not only know your farmer, but maybe even become one!
If you are considering investing in land for any reason (as an investment, for cash-flow, or for food security), I urge you to give myself and The Land Company a call.  We specialize in farm and ranch-land and can help buyers find what they are looking for anywhere in the United States.  We are a one-stop shop for your land investment – we can find you the property and then connect you with the resources you need in order to make it a productive and profitable investment.

4 Responses to “Homesteads”

  1. Gerard ONeill January 13, 2011 at 1:46 pm #

    I totally agree!

    Critical Thinking to me is a subset of Logical Thinking!

    And I of course love that you want to do it in a Capitalist way.

    Stay active, and make sure you don’t get ‘compromised’ by a government handout.


    P.S. Perhaps you could add a little section on how you became so ‘Good’?

    • tishacasida January 20, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

      Thank you for your comment! I am still in the process of defining “good”, but will try and do something to that effect.

  2. Bryan February 24, 2011 at 2:18 pm #

    What about a network of Homesteads? Some of us would LOVE to relocate but in today’s depressed real estate market, we can’t sell our current places to move to new places.

    BUT, we can network with others around us to create a support team.

    • Tisha T. Casida February 25, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

      Bryan, this is an EXCELLENT point and a wonderful idea. I love it! I can work on a very grass-roots approach to this, and see if we can grow it?

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