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Positive, Proactive – Let’s Go Shopping!

7 Sep

I am becoming more and more sensitive to the media and the types of information that are sent out to people in our communities and country.

It makes me re-think what I watch, what I listen to, and how I process information.  When it comes to what I do every day, it is reminding me that I, myself, am empowered and can make my own choices to live a lifestyle that is FREE and that creates positive feelings and results.

Coming back from an event this weekend – the Chile Chili Festival at Rock Ledge Ranch, which our company That’s Natural! puts on – I am reminded of the power of doing something positive and proactive.

Each of us works in order to be able to pay our bills, create our lifestyle, and hopefully have a little bit of disposable income left over to do something fun – like purchase roasted green chile or other neat products that are available during this season of harvest.  When we purchase products from local vendors, we support their llivelihood and lifestyle – and when there are taxes that are collected on these items – we support public services and public goods.

Commerce is an awesome way to create community, it is also a great way to do good things for our environment, and help local non-profits like the Living History Association (LHA), which our event benefited last Saturday.  It is a positive and proactive way to participate in doing great things.


Down to Brass Tacks

4 Jun

Because I am in the publishing industry, I listen to people talk – as consumers, clients, news-reporters, etc.

Yeah, the economy is slowing, the numbers look dismal, and unemployment is definitely up – that being said, I walk around town and watch thousands of people driving around, like nothing is really wrong.

What to believe?  I don’t know, but I can tell you this – our federal government needs to get down to business about what is causing the most problems for average Americans (not for big-businesses, not for big-government).  Our MONETARY POLICY is the problem.  Monetary policy – WHO CONTROLS THE MONEY SUPPLY – is what is causing the fluctuations and unsustainable behaviors in the economy.  Quantitative easing is just a word to make complete destruction sound like a nice thing.

We need to get down to brass tacks – neither Republicans or Democrats at the federal level (minus a select few) are shouting at the top of their lungs that our biggest problem is the monetary policy engaged in between Congress and the Federal Reserve.

If we focus on the VALUE of our DOLLAR (which is different than a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE which is in your pocket right now), we can see that we are ALL being bankrupted by the system as it stands now.  We need money that allows us to build and create wealth, not fiat currency that doesn’t mean anything when in our pockets, under our mattresses, and in our banks.

Sound radical?  You bet it is – the base of the word radical means to “go back to one’s roots” by the way.  (Want to know what is REALLY “radical”?  The fact that we are over 14 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT – UNBELIEVABLE).   Thomas Jefferson would want us to get to the heart of our problem and fix it – our labor is taxed, our money is legal tender – we don’t have control over our property or our earnings – how can we fix that?

To Stop Acting in Fear

29 Apr

Many civilizations have acted in fear and many people in positions of power have used fear to get what they want.

The very proposition that fear should be a part of making a decision is against human nature.  We, as humans, are not born with any sense of fear, our sense of fear is understood as we grow, mature, and learn.

What do decisions made in fear do?  I would argue that they cause us to make irrational decisions – against what is best for our own well-being as well as society as a whole.  Just imagine, if you weren’t scared of anything – what would you do?

I don’t want to be scared of our money supply.  I don’t want to be scared that I won’t have health care, social security, a retirement, a job, a life.  I don’t want to act in fear and I don’t want people in positions of power, whether corporations, insurance agencies, or our own federal government, to try to scare me into having them make decisions for me.  Acting in fear creates bad decisions.  If I was not fearful of my life in 20-30 years, and if I knew I had a sound money supply to work with, then anyone at any level “taking care of me” would seem obtuse.  It was not a hundred years ago that we were not too far from being relatively self-reliant souls and about 200 years ago that fought off an empire that was attempting to keep people in serfdom via their money supply and taxes.  So why should I be so scared now?

To the great people of this great country, we should not act in fear.  I know there are plenty of people who have faith, who have love, who have hope, who can say that they believe in the betterment of mankind – starting with themselves, their families, and their communities.  We can do this by not acting in fear.  Do not be afraid of the problems that we face – each of us, as individuals and each of us united with our fellow statesmen – have the power to create our destiny.  We will not be afraid and we will find solutions that work, that create peace and prosperity for generations to come.

Walmart Will Make Us Healthier? (!)

20 Jan

Today, Walmart (US) CEO Bill Simon was endorsed by First Lady Michelle Obama because of Walmart’s new plan to “encourage healthy eating, including cutting prices of fresh fruits and vegetables and working with suppliers to reduce the content of sugar, fat and sodium in the products on its shelves” (Parnes, 2011).

Since they supply 140 million shoppers with food, it would be logical for our government to endorse their plans to use their selling (and buying) power to change how people eat.  Right?

Sure, forcing suppliers to change their product will be good because that will force suppliers to change their methods of production which will increase food prices.  Sure, cutting prices on food being shipped thousands of miles from other countries will be a good business practice and encourage these farmers to continue to make a living by growing/raising healthy and nutritious food.  And look – consumers are absolutely positively DEMANDING healthier food – right?  That is why we are in the predicament we are in – people are demanding to eat healthier and healthy food is flying off the shelves as we speak!  Right?!?!

Obesity and other health-issues arising from food (basically every disease) has everything to do with the content of what that food is made of, and the nutrient density of that content. Nutrients are there or they are not.  Poisons are there or they are not.

The most fruitful and sustainable means for enhancing people’s food choices is by finding LOCAL PRODUCERS who can satisfy their demands for food.  Food that is grown locally is better because it is fresher and generally healthier.  Food that is grown locally does not have to travel thousands of miles, and therefore is better on the environment.  Beyond that, it just TASTES better.  Most importantly, local food supports local producers who are a party of the local economy – this is the best way to create a community and a prosperous economy.

I believe that Walmart is a forward-thinking, capitalistic enterprise that is reveling in its endorsement from the current administration.  I KNOW that it would be silly to think that they will have ANYTHING to do with the solution of better, healthier food for the American people.  THAT solution will actualy come from each of us begging the questions – “Who is my farmer?”, “Who is my rancher?”, and “How can I support my local community?”.  Government cannot save us from ourselves – only we know what is best for each of us (that is a little thing called liberty).  And Walmart will put its bottom-line before the health of their shoppers or the health of local economies.

Make your choices wisely.

– Tisha T. Casida


Parnes, A. (2011). Walmart joins FLOTUS health push. Politico. Retrieved on January 20, 2011 from:

Access to Local Food

26 Jun

In an AP article, a phenomena and trend which has been taking shape for quite awhile, is highlighted.

That trend is the limited access to food in rural areas (e.g. grocery stores), and the reason has to do with economics.  Smaller operations are generally more costly to run, and larger operations who can utilize the benefits of economies of scale to offer products and services for a lower price – will be able to attract more customers who are looking for cost-savings (especially if facing bad economic conditions).

Government proposals will include spending initiatives, and there are grants and other opportunities for these small grocery stores to try and stay in business.  What is truly sustainable, though, would be for consumers to change their purchasing patterns.  Because if the demand is not there, you cannot subsidize it – it will simply not work in a free market (and we are assuming that we are keeping the free market that we have).

So, if you are reading this and are a consumer and want to make a difference – find local farmers, ranchers, and producers to support, and be willing to spend some extra money to keep them in business.  If we keep our local guys open, and help their businesses to thrive, then eventually we will actually see local food prices decrease, and the wonder and beauty of economics in a free market can once again be realized.

It will take time, it is not easy, and we must all work together.  But it is possible.

– Tisha Casida

A Positive Proactive Solution to the Drug "War"

18 Jun

– Tisha Casida

The constitution allows people to take responsibility for themselves and their lives.  Government intervention in anything usually means a lot of pain and heartache, although it is completely necessary to have rules and regulations that keep (or attempt to keep) people honest.  Our problems are social problems, and the government will never be able to fix people’s souls (in my opinion only).

So, quick summary.  If people want to drink alcohol, they can.  If people want to smoke, then can.  If people want to be lazy, they can.  If people want to be stupid, as long as they aren’t physically harming anyone else, they can.  If people want to kill themselves, then can.  Why in the world can’t people smoke marijuana legally and just be taxed for it?  What a great revenue-generator for Uncle Sam (use that money for education – use the saved money from the judicial system for education!)!

This drug is causing horrid deaths in Mexico, slowly trickling over into the United States.  The “war on drugs” hasn’t ever worked – it really hasn’t, and the situation is actually getting worse.  We are throwing all of this money and time into something that is failing, all while if we would look at common-sense solutions (i.e. legalizing the stuff), we could immediately see beneficial impacts.


Knowledge Vs. Presumptions

11 Apr

Reading through Thomas Sowell’s book, Basic Economics, it is easy to see that letting the market work is essential to having a sustainable and productive economy.

The reason “the market” works so well is that there are millions of people with specialized knowledge making decision about what to buy and what to sell.  These people – the 300+million consumers in the United States of America – each have their own individualized knowledge that helps them to make decisions

Knowledge, in itself, is a scarce resource.

When government officials start making decisions that affect the market, they are doing this based on PRESUMPTIONS.  Presumptions about what is best ARE NOT the same as specialized knowledge coming from the market, of the 300+ million people that make up our economy.

Presumptions are what get people in trouble – it is KNOWLEDGE that we need.  And thus, less government intervention, red tape, and bureaucracy in our free market would allow for more efficient and more specialized decisions from WE THE PEOPLE.  That’s the whole idea of a FREE MARKET!

-Tisha Casida