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Tyranny = Raw Milk Producers Being Arrested

11 Sep

Tyranny is all around us – including our food supply and our choice to use natural foods and medicines in our bodies.

Rawsome Foods – a private members-only (co-op) market in Venice, California, is home to place where local community members can purchase raw milk, cheese, yogurt, and kefir.  Apparently the federal government does not have enough to be worried about with the upcoming collapse of the economic system, they have to “protect” consumers from purchasing raw food products that humans have consumed for thousands of years.

The owner, James Stewart, along with two others (Sharon Palmer (of Healthy Family Farms), and Victoria Bloch (local L.A. co-chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation)), were taken away in handcuffs. “The raid was carried out by gun carrying officers of the LA County Sheriff’s Office, the FDA, the Dept. of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control“.

The charge?  Conspiracy to sell unpasteurized milk products.  


First of all, it cannot be a conspiracy if it is a private group of knowing citizens deciding for themselves to purchase and consume these products.  Secondly, I cannot believe that our tax-payer money goes towards arresting innocent people who are actually doing good things for their local communities and economies.

I have consumed raw milk (both cow and goat) for over 4 years, and know for a fact that it is actually healthier and more beneficial to our bodies than pasteurized milk.  It really doesn’t matter what I think though, because each of us should have the right to CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES – that is what liberty is – and that is why the government should get its nose out of our choice to consume raw milk.



The Ultimate GREEN DRINK

4 Jul

Green Drinks can taste like a cross between grass clippings and hay

Oh pity the taste buds when they get a whiff of this concoction.  But, it is what we must do in the name of health.  If we had grown up with this stuff then we could stomach it better.  Incredible immune systems are not for the faint of heart.

I really got this idea from a book called The Living Beauty Detox Program by Ann Louise Gittleman; her “Living Beauty Elixer” is about the same thing.  Green Drink Mixtures are stuffed full of amazing nutrients that come from “green” foods – something that the Standard American Diet (SAD) doesn’t get enough of.  A green drink packs some punch back into what we are missing from a ‘normal’ diet.  The pure and organic cranberry juice (what I mix my green drink in) is extremely beneficial for detoxifying your body and complimenting healthy liver function.

It is simple – you need the following three ingredients:

1. Organic Cranberry Juice or Organic Cranberry Juice Concentrate (my favorite is Just Cranberry Juice from R.W. Knudsen)

2. Filtered Water, Not Tap Water

3. A Super-food Green-Drink Mix (there are A LOT to choose from, one that I really like is Kyo-Green)

Mix these three ingredients together and then drink (a shaker or a blender is easiest for mixing).  If you want to get creative, you can create various smoothie combinations and possibly make it sweeter and easier to swallow.  However, I have grown accustomed to the cheek-puckering tartness of pure cranberry juice mixed with barley greens. it is not bad.

Here are some ideas for additional ingredients for smoothies:

Bananas – high in potassium and will make the mix thicker

Berries – packed full of antioxidants and can make the drink sweeter

Chia Seeds – nutrient-dense with omega-3s, omega-6s, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, fiber, and antioxidants

Flax Seeds – add fiber, lignans, and omega-3 fatty acids

Yogurt – another ingredient that will make the mix thicker and full of pro-biotics (good bacteria)

Kefir – much like yogurt, kefir is a form of cultured milk and can be made from cow’s milk, goat milk, even coconut milk (my personal favorite)


WATER – What it is and what it is not.

4 Jul

Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water, with our brains being made up of about 70% water.  So, just from a statistical standpoint, making sure that we have good, clean water is smart.  As a matter of fact, it is crucial that we have clean and ‘healthy’ drinking water.


Not too long ago, clean water sounded very simple.  In the 20th century, however, with increased development, we are relying on public water systems to store and clean our water.  In addition to this, more and more people are a part of our ecosystem – meaning more and more water is needed, consumed, and excreted.  And there are more and more substances (pollutants and otherwise) entering our ecosystems and water systems.

Recent additions and developments to our water supply include chlorine, fluoride, and nanoparticles coming from pharmaceutical drugs.  The “experts” will give you all of the reasons in the world why X amount of particulates in the water is safe for consumption.  I, Tisha Casida, as consumer and bearer of multiple chemical sensitives (MCS), will tell you that those chemicals are not that good nor safe for our consumption.  It just isn’t natural – at all – and the repercussions from drinking those particulates for X number of years, in addition to combining those particulates within a human body with a myriad of other inputs and chemicals, can simply not be tested for accuracy and effect.  It is impossible.  The only sure bet is to drink water that is clean and does not have any type of modern industrial chemical in it.  Now, this is near impossible to do, but we can take baby steps.

First step?  Try and get some type of filtration system for the water that you drink at home.  There are a bunch of them – do your research and find one that fits into your budget.

Second step?  Drink water that is of extremely high-quality a couple times a week.  Splurge and purchase some spring water, some Penta, or some other type of water that you can trust.

Next step?  Start supplementing additional nutrients into your water and overall diet that will help build up your immune system.  I found a wonderful product called Cell Food, which you can put into your water or other beverages – it is an oxygen plus nutrient (minerals, enzymes, amino acids) supplement.

Our water supply is a big deal.  It is a monumental task to get public water systems to evaluate and change how they “create” drinking water, but we can take our own steps to maintain our own health.  Start with your water that you put into your body – it has everything to do with how we feel.

CHIA SEEDS – Ancient Diet, Timeless Wisdom

4 Jul

A good friend had recommended that I read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.  It was one of those books that you just can’t put down (others that fit this category include Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, and End the Fed).  He does a fine job of illustrating the importance and forgotten love of running, its psychological importance (running to, for, and away from things), and a tribe of people called the Tarahumara.

If you even remotely like running, and perhaps if you don’t but think you might, you would love the wisdom and story that is tangled in these pages.  What I took away is a new addition to my diet (something I explored a couple years ago but never took to) – chia seeds.  Chia seeds are tiny black seeds packed full of super-nutrition.  You can purchase them in bulk at most healthfood stores, and of course you can find places to purchase them online.

The nutrients packed full in these tiny seeds include: omega-3s, omega-6s, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, fiber, and antioxidants.  The Tarahumara make iskiate – which has chia seeds dissolved in water, with a bit of sugar and lime.  I have made this substituting honey for the sugar – and it is pretty tasty.  You can also dissolve chia seeds in a juice of your choice.  (If you are using water, I strongly suggest using filtered water – the reason – tap water can have sediment in it that is not conducive to optimum health).

When you “dissolve” the seeds, it creates this gelatin-like substance.  It doesn’t look real pretty, but it tastes like whatever you dissolve it in and you can almost immediately feel the energy from the drink.  Go figure, like an all-natural energy concoction.

The Tarahumara are a tribe of very peaceful people who are also super-athletes (can run 50 miles at the drop of a hat).  Their love of their families and their community are beautiful – and our own country could use to think about implementing some of their actions into our own livelihoods.
So, if you can, pick up the book, but more importantly, give chia seeds a try.  I think you will find a wonderful addition to your diet, and see some very positive health benefits.

Resources to Check Out

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

The Magic of Chia by James F. Scheer

COD LIVER OIL – A Synposis

29 Jun

Treat Your Cod Liver Oil Like a Shot of Whiskey - It is Good For You!

Good fats are probably one of the most important things for our development as a human being.  Nerve-endings in our bodies and brains contain a myelin sheath, which is an important part of healthy nerve-function.  Healthy fats help build and maintain these nerves, which is good for overall health.  Nerves are pretty important to sending information throughout our bodies.

Cod Liver Oil is jam-packed full of these good fats including Omega-3 fatty acids. EPA, DHA, and high levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin D.

Now, fish oils DO taste a bit fishy – get over it.  It is worth the health-benefits.  Beyond that, you can get it flavored – my personal favorite as of now is Barlean’s.  If you treat it like you are taking a shot of whiskey, with a chaser of something like lime-aide – then it is not too bad.  WHEN you take your supplements is just as important as what you take them with (to make sure that they digest and process the way they are supposed to).  You should take your Cod Liver Oil shot before you go to bed.

I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist, however, I can tell you that since taking a ‘normal’ regimen of cod liver oil, that is has helped with the inflamation in my hands (from bad circulation and typing WAY too much on the computer), as well as my skin-health.  Beyond that, I just feel better, which is probably from a combination of factors.  However, we should all know that when we feel good that we can think better.

And we all need to do a WHOLE LOT MORE THINKING.


Day 7 – Justice Will Be Served

25 Jun

A potential cure for cancer – we have it, we have had it for awhile and the powers that be at a federal level don’t want you to have it.  In other words, there are men and women who have suppressed the cure and have propagated disease – whose souls will one day see justice.
When I was very young, I picked up a book called “World Without Cancer” (published in 1974 by G. Edward Griffin) and tried to figure out why the U.S. government would ban a natural substance called laetrile (vitamin B-17).

Today, someone passed onto me information on a movie called “Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business”.  It is an illustration that money, greed, and unlimited power at the federal level is actually killing people.  By neglecting cures, and propagating poison, there is blood on the hands of many people who have made these decisions and continue to ignore the truth.

The human body is an amazing machine, and one’s spiritual temple – disease is a sign that something is not right.  There are numerous things we can do to prevent disease, and there are potential cures that EXIST and that HONEST doctors have known about for over 30 years (maybe much longer).  Surprisingly enough, the FDA does not seem to support these cures.

Shame on those who have tried to stop Dr. Burzynski and numerous other doctors who have cured cancer – I pray that every American who reads this takes the time to watch and purchase this movie – justice will be served.



Trans-Fats: A Synopsis

30 May

Trans-fats, which generally come from partially hydrogenated oils, are created when the molecular structure of oil is changed (they do this using a metal catalyst).  Trans-fats have been “proven” to be very bad for one’s cholesterol – it actually lowers your good cholesterol while increasing your bad cholesterol.  In addition to this, since it is a chemically-altered fat, there may be additional repercussions on the human body that take a period of time to recognize.  Now, I am not suggesting the scientists who have tested this don’t know everything, but I am hinting that they probably don’t know as much as we would like to think.  Here’s the interesting fact for us to consider – once it once discovered how bad these trans-fats were and there were instituted labeling requirements, all of the foods with trans-fats suddenly had “zero grams trans fats”.  There was no change in price, no change in consistency, no change in anything (including in MARGARINE which is almost pure hydrogenated oils) – but now all of these products which were supposed to be labeled with “trans-fats” no longer had any trans-fats.  Hmmmm.

So, I did some investigating.  It is suggested that someone should not eat no more than 2 grams of trans fats in a day – really, we should not eat any of them, they are not natural and are bad for your body, but let’s pretend we do the minimum.  A serving size, generally NOT what people eat in a day, is extremely small – check out the serving size on a pint of ice cream to see what I mean (most people eat more than the serving size).  The FDA requirements say that if there is LESS THAN .5 GRAMS OF TRANS FAT IN A SERVING SIZE THAT THE LABEL CAN SAY THAT IT HAS ZERO GRAMS OF TRANS FATS.

Do the math.

That means that if it has less than .5 grams per serving, in a small serving size, one can say “zero grams” even though there may be .5 grams per serving.  Now, .5 grams per serving, if eating 2-4 servings, quickly adds up – pretty soon you are at the 3-4 grams PER DAY.

Really, there is no way of really knowing how much we consume because the FDA has now made ‘.5 grams or less’ equal to zero.  This is incredibly unfair to consumers who depend on reading labels to figure out whether or not what they are eating is healthy.

I am not asking us to ban foods with hydrogenated oils, I am not asking that we end the manufacturing of products with trans-fats – all I am asking for is for our accounting of a number to be true – if there are .5 grams, or .4 grams, or .3 grams, etc. – then this should not be equivalent to zero!  The fact that the minimum suggested amount of trans fats is so small – these smaller quantities quickly add up and can have negative impacts on one’s health.

The truth is an important thing – and if we have labeling requirements, then those labels should have the truth on them.

Right and Left – We All Want to Protect our Parts

1 Apr

Want to create positive change?  Find Common Ground.

There is a link between those testosterone-laden men (and women for that matter) and the normally-classified opposite of these types – the lovers of organic foods, kimchi, chia seeds, and cod-liver oil (also referred to as environmentalists, tree-huggers, and other not-so-nice terms).  The link is that toxins in our environment are bad.  Bad for one’s health, bad for the health of the creatures that roam the environment, and bad for us – you and me – as human beings.

Why should body-builders be concerned about plastic?  Because plastic has Bisphenol A (BPA) that acts like ESTROGEN to one’s body, only WORSE because it is completely foreign to the body and it is much more harmful than natural estrogen.  That’s right guys – those plastic water bottles aren’t just s#itty for the planets’ lakes, streams, and oceans, but they can also affect your reproductive parts.

Phthalates (a cousin to plastic) are found in most fragrances – that means perfumes, air fresheners, cosmetics, and other things that you may put on your body like shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.  Why should men and women be concerned about phthalates?   Because phthalates suppress testosterone and increase insulin resistance – both bad for muscle-building and normal homeostasis.  As the article from T-Nation says, guys, protect your balls.  Ladies, protect your health and well-being.   At the same time, you do great things for the environment and for humanity.  Weird.

You and I as consumers get to make choices about what we put in and on our body.  We should recognize, that it doesn’t matter what party you are from or what defines you as a person – we as human beings have things in common.  Our health is important, and when it comes to the issues and dangers of plastics – whether it is in our bodies or in the environment – we can agree to try our best to protect ourselves from the unfortunate consequences of over-exposure to these toxic chemicals.

Could Taco Bell be the End of Humanity?

21 Mar

Reprinted with Permission for

Recently, anger over the price increase from $.99 to $1.49 for a Beefy Crunch Burrito, ended in a shoot-out where (thank the forgiving God/Universe that must exist) no one was hurt or killed.


Which makes me think to myself – could Taco Bell be the end of humanity as we know it?  Oftentimes, with my ever-smaller-circle of friends, we have discussed the probability of the end of times and still having a line of cars at Taco Bell wondering where everyone went.  Which is a funny picture, a sarcastic view, and a pretty saturnine glimpse of what happened the other day at a Taco Bell in San Antonio.


Granted, food prices are going up – I know because my mostly-natural diet has went from organic chicken to organic chickpeas in an effort to cut costs.  I am angry about it too, but I am not taking my .38 with me to the grocery store except to protect myself from people like the one that blew up at the poor worker at Taco Bell.


The instance that happened, however, illustrates people’s short-temperedness and the audacity to take it out violently on people completely unrelated to the cause of the problem.  The “recession” or whatever you want to call it that is taking place in our economy is thanks to people and institutions that are an atrocity to peace, prosperity, and liberty.  And the best means to stop it is to pick up a Constitution, grow a garden, and get to know people in your community.   As someone eloquently said, “Put down your pitchforks, and pick up your shovel”.  A peaceful creation of something productive and prosperous to counter the problems we face (including rising food prices) would work.  And, it would be much healthier for one’s body and brain than eating at Taco Bell anyway (no offense delicious 35% beef Beefy Crunch Burrito).


Sad, that just 175 years ago, soldiers were screaming “Liberty or Death” at the Alamo, seated in San Antonio – not Beefy Crunch or Death.  I believe the “enemies” are different – but our liberty and our sanity as we know it are dependent upon us becoming healthier, more self-reliant, and closer to our communities.

A Better Way to Drink Water?

9 Mar

Crystal Light, quotes their product as being a “better way to drink water”.


Pouring in water a flavoring full of aspartame (the artificial sweetener that is border-line poison in my opinion), anti-caking agents, preservatives, and Yellow #5 is better for you?  Of course!!  Only 5 calories, and you are on your way to flavored nutrition in a glass!

I personally have had negative side effects from consuming aspartame (migraine headaches and shaking).  I have heard of these same phenomena happening to several of my clients and readers.  I have also talked to people who are watching family members slowly develop worse and worse symptoms associated to their consumption of this no-calorie sweetener that does NOT interact in your body the way that natural sugars do.

So, the good news?  The Calorie Control Council, who represents around “60 manufacturers and suppliers of low-calorie, low-fat and light foods and beverages, including the manufacturers and suppliers of more than a dozen different dietary sweeteners, fat replacers and other low-calorie ingredients” ( says that aspartame is good for you and NOT TO WORRY – it is safe!  Anything bad you hear about aspartame on the Internet may make you a victim of email hoaxes, and there are plenty of well-known resources to promise you the safety of this substance.  Never mind that the people who are selling you this product are the ones that are telling you it is safe (and never mind that regulatory agencies are also “doing their job” and protecting your interests).

I, personally, enjoy sugar that comes from a plant or a bee-hive.  The process behind the creation of aspartame is quite intense, and although this may not be enough to raise your eyebrows, how about the methanol content in aspartame?  The “methanol from aspartame is converted to formaldehyde and then formic acid” – and believe it or not FORMALDEHYDE INSIDE OF YOUR BODY IS BAD NEWS.

Gulf war syndrome, which includes symptoms such as headaches, chemical sensitivities and neurological symptoms – MAY be linked to aspartame consumption, although you will never find a definitive study that proves it.  There are many other factors that could play a part in this, however, men and women suffered and it is because of something – we should be figuring out what that was.

There is obviously some controversy and interesting history behind this product.

Thankfully, we can be above blaming and just focus on things that we know are safe and can’t hurt us – that would be cane sugar and honey.  And they may not be the sweet non-calorie delight of Crystal Light, but I promise you that your body knows how to digest them, and that they won’t harm you or kill you in small quantities.

Use your liberty to make good choices about what you put into your body – avoid anything that needs industry tests and governmental regulations to monitor its safety – it is a simple way to protest bureaucracy and at the same time build a healthy body (and mind for that matter).