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Tyranny = Raw Milk Producers Being Arrested

11 Sep

Tyranny is all around us – including our food supply and our choice to use natural foods and medicines in our bodies.

Rawsome Foods – a private members-only (co-op) market in Venice, California, is home to place where local community members can purchase raw milk, cheese, yogurt, and kefir.  Apparently the federal government does not have enough to be worried about with the upcoming collapse of the economic system, they have to “protect” consumers from purchasing raw food products that humans have consumed for thousands of years.

The owner, James Stewart, along with two others (Sharon Palmer (of Healthy Family Farms), and Victoria Bloch (local L.A. co-chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation)), were taken away in handcuffs. “The raid was carried out by gun carrying officers of the LA County Sheriff’s Office, the FDA, the Dept. of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control“.

The charge?  Conspiracy to sell unpasteurized milk products.  


First of all, it cannot be a conspiracy if it is a private group of knowing citizens deciding for themselves to purchase and consume these products.  Secondly, I cannot believe that our tax-payer money goes towards arresting innocent people who are actually doing good things for their local communities and economies.

I have consumed raw milk (both cow and goat) for over 4 years, and know for a fact that it is actually healthier and more beneficial to our bodies than pasteurized milk.  It really doesn’t matter what I think though, because each of us should have the right to CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES – that is what liberty is – and that is why the government should get its nose out of our choice to consume raw milk.



Positive, Proactive – Let’s Go Shopping!

7 Sep

I am becoming more and more sensitive to the media and the types of information that are sent out to people in our communities and country.

It makes me re-think what I watch, what I listen to, and how I process information.  When it comes to what I do every day, it is reminding me that I, myself, am empowered and can make my own choices to live a lifestyle that is FREE and that creates positive feelings and results.

Coming back from an event this weekend – the Chile Chili Festival at Rock Ledge Ranch, which our company That’s Natural! puts on – I am reminded of the power of doing something positive and proactive.

Each of us works in order to be able to pay our bills, create our lifestyle, and hopefully have a little bit of disposable income left over to do something fun – like purchase roasted green chile or other neat products that are available during this season of harvest.  When we purchase products from local vendors, we support their llivelihood and lifestyle – and when there are taxes that are collected on these items – we support public services and public goods.

Commerce is an awesome way to create community, it is also a great way to do good things for our environment, and help local non-profits like the Living History Association (LHA), which our event benefited last Saturday.  It is a positive and proactive way to participate in doing great things.

Does Anyone Really Think that Banning Bad Food Creates Health?

11 Apr


A Chicago school banned home-lunches because the school’s choices are healthier. It is a crime that we even call most of the food that we eat “food”, however, who is to judge? The principal of the school? I think not.


It is up to the parents and the students WHAT THEY PUT INTO THEIR BODIES. Healthy or not – it is their individual responsibility and personal choice and natural-born right. Let them consume what they want for their lunches. Let’s ponder the things that we have banned and the effect of the ban…

1.) Alcohol = Prohibition = The Mob (at leas an increase thereof)

2.) Marijuana = Drug War on the Border = Dangerous Drug Lords and Crimes

Both of these ALSO created a black market – do we think that food will be any different? If we really wanted make our kids and students healthier, we would work on supply-based solutions (e.g. providing nutritious, truly “natural” and organic produce, meats, and other treats). Food with nutrients would be a great place to create a positive difference – let the free market help to satisfy this need. There are plenty of farmers and producers (including the upcoming “urban farmers”) who would like to help satisfy this demand for our nation’s kids and students. Our unhealthy choices are a social problem – and it will take something much different than a ban on twinkies to make a difference.

We Americans are stubborn and resilient – people have to change themselves, and it all starts with education and knowledge. Not banning lunches packed at home.

Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility

8 Apr

With the various problems persisting at the federal government, and watching the impact of the economy upon producers and small business owners, I believe that it is time that we acknowledge that we must take steps towards transparency, accountability, and responsibility.

The budget battle which is far from over, has to do with choices that men and women in Congress and the Senate made.  Our representatives, whether they were Republican, Democrat, or Independent – made choices that affected how we got here today.   They were and are in the People’s House – and should be doing our business for us.  That business is to protect the Constitution of the United States and our natural and individual rights.  We are far from that now, but we can certainly get back.

Being an advocate for sustainable farming and a prosperous/healthy food supply, the current issue of genetic modification of seeds (that becomes the products that we consume) has me concerned.  The static nature of the federal agencies that are supposedly “protecting” us, has already allowed these substances into our food supply, without our consent, and without our knowledge.  Since there is no way to really know or test the products because of the amount of time it would take, WE are in fact the guinea pigs.  This is unnerving and enraging.  Transparency – we should know what we are eating.  Accountability: The federal agencies that are set up to put a check on what enters our food supply and environment should be doing their job or out of business.  Responsibility: Our representatives that represent us in a constitutional republic (not a democracy), should be doing the people’s business.

Being an advocate for a sustainable fiscal and monetary policy as well as a sound currency, the existence of the Federal Reserve’s power and actions is of grave concern.  Conspicuously in existence for 98 years, their “control” of the money supply is arguably the reason that we are in the economic conundrum that we are in.  Their names for creating inflationary situations (QE2), not to mention complete lack of over-sight, creates confusion and false actions in the marketplace.  No one really knows what to expect because no one really knows what is going on.  Or maybe we do, and if we do, it is scary how much of a bad situation that we are in.  Transparency – we should know what the Federal Reserve is doing – if it is conducting actions that affect the American people as ordered by Congress and the federal government.  Accountability: We should not have an entity that causes inflation supposedly fixing inflation.  Responsibility: Our representatives that represent our interests as the American people should be making sure that upon the renewal of this entity’s charter, that the people’s business is taken care of and that the interests of the people’s currency is protected against internal and external threats.

We must do each of these things ourselves, and to find actionable solutions, we must face up to the positions that each of us are in.  Sometimes that is difficult and painful, however, each of us must take a stand and use our own personal responsibility to create an environment where we can once again have prosperity, liberty, and peace.

Farmers Fighting Back – Family Farms Vs. Monsanto

1 Apr

On March 30th, a lawsuit was filed by the Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT), representing 60 family farmers, seed businesses and organic agricultural organizations.  This was to challenge Monsanto’s patent on genetically-modified (GM)seed.


In an effort to protect themselves, farmers are suing Monsanto over the patents on GM seed because historically Monsanto has actually sued farmers in the United States and Canada when the patented genetically-modified (GM) materially inadvertently contaminates the farmers’ crops.  Yes, read that one more time – Monsanto sues the farmers whose crops get contaminated from Monsanto’s GM seed.


The question is whether Monsanto has the right to sue farmers for “patent-infringement” when the non-genetically-modified crops get contaminated with Monsanto’s GM seed.  In a world with common sense, we would certainly hope that the courts find that Monsanto has no such right.


What angers me, is that there has not been significant testing of the impacts of GM seeds or product on either the environment or consumers.  In addition to this, people have the right to know what they are putting into their bodies, so at the very least, GM-products should be labeled so consumers can make an educated choice.

The stringent guidelines for producing organic crops are hampered and devastated by the very existence of GM seeds.  Since GM seeds and crops are already increasingly prevalent in our country, now our only hope is to protect the farmers who are growing naturally/organically – NOT with genetically-modified substances.

God Bless the family farm and let’s hope that we can spread enough awareness to consumers so that we can protect the farmland that provides us (and provides the world) with a clean and bountiful food supply.

Tisha T. Casida


Right and Left – We All Want to Protect our Parts

1 Apr

Want to create positive change?  Find Common Ground.

There is a link between those testosterone-laden men (and women for that matter) and the normally-classified opposite of these types – the lovers of organic foods, kimchi, chia seeds, and cod-liver oil (also referred to as environmentalists, tree-huggers, and other not-so-nice terms).  The link is that toxins in our environment are bad.  Bad for one’s health, bad for the health of the creatures that roam the environment, and bad for us – you and me – as human beings.

Why should body-builders be concerned about plastic?  Because plastic has Bisphenol A (BPA) that acts like ESTROGEN to one’s body, only WORSE because it is completely foreign to the body and it is much more harmful than natural estrogen.  That’s right guys – those plastic water bottles aren’t just s#itty for the planets’ lakes, streams, and oceans, but they can also affect your reproductive parts.

Phthalates (a cousin to plastic) are found in most fragrances – that means perfumes, air fresheners, cosmetics, and other things that you may put on your body like shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.  Why should men and women be concerned about phthalates?   Because phthalates suppress testosterone and increase insulin resistance – both bad for muscle-building and normal homeostasis.  As the article from T-Nation says, guys, protect your balls.  Ladies, protect your health and well-being.   At the same time, you do great things for the environment and for humanity.  Weird.

You and I as consumers get to make choices about what we put in and on our body.  We should recognize, that it doesn’t matter what party you are from or what defines you as a person – we as human beings have things in common.  Our health is important, and when it comes to the issues and dangers of plastics – whether it is in our bodies or in the environment – we can agree to try our best to protect ourselves from the unfortunate consequences of over-exposure to these toxic chemicals.

Farm-Grown Vegetables?

11 Mar

I just heard that Campbell’s soup uses farm-grown ingredients.


This was a huge relief since I had thought that the vegetables were grown using some other method. Of course, with the advent of genetically-modified foods, I suppose that my fear is warranted and may well be on its way anyway.


However, please note, that “fresh and farm-grown ingredients” are and have been a part of nutrition for thousands of years. And are not a new phenomena. If fresh and farm-ground is what you really want – don’t watch a commercial – go and find your farmer. And look into growing your own food – it is possible, less expensive, a true stance of freedom, and healthier.

Walmart Will Make Us Healthier? (!)

20 Jan

Today, Walmart (US) CEO Bill Simon was endorsed by First Lady Michelle Obama because of Walmart’s new plan to “encourage healthy eating, including cutting prices of fresh fruits and vegetables and working with suppliers to reduce the content of sugar, fat and sodium in the products on its shelves” (Parnes, 2011).

Since they supply 140 million shoppers with food, it would be logical for our government to endorse their plans to use their selling (and buying) power to change how people eat.  Right?

Sure, forcing suppliers to change their product will be good because that will force suppliers to change their methods of production which will increase food prices.  Sure, cutting prices on food being shipped thousands of miles from other countries will be a good business practice and encourage these farmers to continue to make a living by growing/raising healthy and nutritious food.  And look – consumers are absolutely positively DEMANDING healthier food – right?  That is why we are in the predicament we are in – people are demanding to eat healthier and healthy food is flying off the shelves as we speak!  Right?!?!

Obesity and other health-issues arising from food (basically every disease) has everything to do with the content of what that food is made of, and the nutrient density of that content. Nutrients are there or they are not.  Poisons are there or they are not.

The most fruitful and sustainable means for enhancing people’s food choices is by finding LOCAL PRODUCERS who can satisfy their demands for food.  Food that is grown locally is better because it is fresher and generally healthier.  Food that is grown locally does not have to travel thousands of miles, and therefore is better on the environment.  Beyond that, it just TASTES better.  Most importantly, local food supports local producers who are a party of the local economy – this is the best way to create a community and a prosperous economy.

I believe that Walmart is a forward-thinking, capitalistic enterprise that is reveling in its endorsement from the current administration.  I KNOW that it would be silly to think that they will have ANYTHING to do with the solution of better, healthier food for the American people.  THAT solution will actualy come from each of us begging the questions – “Who is my farmer?”, “Who is my rancher?”, and “How can I support my local community?”.  Government cannot save us from ourselves – only we know what is best for each of us (that is a little thing called liberty).  And Walmart will put its bottom-line before the health of their shoppers or the health of local economies.

Make your choices wisely.

– Tisha T. Casida


Parnes, A. (2011). Walmart joins FLOTUS health push. Politico. Retrieved on January 20, 2011 from:

Trinity Brewing Company = Great Beer, Fabulous Food, and Easy on the Environment

29 Mar

At a last-minute meeting suggested by good friend and advertising client Bill Morris, with BlueStar Recyclers, we frequented Trinity Brewing Company in Colorado Springs.

I was stunned (as a food-snob) at their tantalizing menu, that included a “key” to decipher amongst meals that were: Meatless, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free (not to say that their menu does not cater to the carnivore).  You can find items such as:

– The Farmers Salad: Made from ingredients from local farms.

– Colorado Bison Sliders: Small sandwiches available in a variety of flavors and combinations.

– Stuffed Bell Pepper: An organic bell pepper full of seitan, salsa cruda. cayenne cream cheese, all served on a bed of quinoa.

– Brewery Biscuits & Gravy: Homemade biscuits made with TRINITY Soul beer, smothered in vegetarian sausage country gravy.

That’s just the food, their beer-menu is equally eclectic and unique, with such names as: The Soul Horkey Ale, Sunna Wit Beer, Flo India Pale Ale, Farmhouse Saison, and Awaken Coffee Stout.

Cheers to this fine local company that is supporting local economies, local farmers, and a healthy/happy society.

Find their complete menu and additional information on their company online at:, and don’t be surprised to find the various staff members and advertisers of the Southern Colorado Good American Post indulging in this local pub’s offerings.

By Tisha Casida