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Positive, Proactive – Let’s Go Shopping!

7 Sep

I am becoming more and more sensitive to the media and the types of information that are sent out to people in our communities and country.

It makes me re-think what I watch, what I listen to, and how I process information.  When it comes to what I do every day, it is reminding me that I, myself, am empowered and can make my own choices to live a lifestyle that is FREE and that creates positive feelings and results.

Coming back from an event this weekend – the Chile Chili Festival at Rock Ledge Ranch, which our company That’s Natural! puts on – I am reminded of the power of doing something positive and proactive.

Each of us works in order to be able to pay our bills, create our lifestyle, and hopefully have a little bit of disposable income left over to do something fun – like purchase roasted green chile or other neat products that are available during this season of harvest.  When we purchase products from local vendors, we support their llivelihood and lifestyle – and when there are taxes that are collected on these items – we support public services and public goods.

Commerce is an awesome way to create community, it is also a great way to do good things for our environment, and help local non-profits like the Living History Association (LHA), which our event benefited last Saturday.  It is a positive and proactive way to participate in doing great things.


WATER – What it is and what it is not.

4 Jul

Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water, with our brains being made up of about 70% water.  So, just from a statistical standpoint, making sure that we have good, clean water is smart.  As a matter of fact, it is crucial that we have clean and ‘healthy’ drinking water.


Not too long ago, clean water sounded very simple.  In the 20th century, however, with increased development, we are relying on public water systems to store and clean our water.  In addition to this, more and more people are a part of our ecosystem – meaning more and more water is needed, consumed, and excreted.  And there are more and more substances (pollutants and otherwise) entering our ecosystems and water systems.

Recent additions and developments to our water supply include chlorine, fluoride, and nanoparticles coming from pharmaceutical drugs.  The “experts” will give you all of the reasons in the world why X amount of particulates in the water is safe for consumption.  I, Tisha Casida, as consumer and bearer of multiple chemical sensitives (MCS), will tell you that those chemicals are not that good nor safe for our consumption.  It just isn’t natural – at all – and the repercussions from drinking those particulates for X number of years, in addition to combining those particulates within a human body with a myriad of other inputs and chemicals, can simply not be tested for accuracy and effect.  It is impossible.  The only sure bet is to drink water that is clean and does not have any type of modern industrial chemical in it.  Now, this is near impossible to do, but we can take baby steps.

First step?  Try and get some type of filtration system for the water that you drink at home.  There are a bunch of them – do your research and find one that fits into your budget.

Second step?  Drink water that is of extremely high-quality a couple times a week.  Splurge and purchase some spring water, some Penta, or some other type of water that you can trust.

Next step?  Start supplementing additional nutrients into your water and overall diet that will help build up your immune system.  I found a wonderful product called Cell Food, which you can put into your water or other beverages – it is an oxygen plus nutrient (minerals, enzymes, amino acids) supplement.

Our water supply is a big deal.  It is a monumental task to get public water systems to evaluate and change how they “create” drinking water, but we can take our own steps to maintain our own health.  Start with your water that you put into your body – it has everything to do with how we feel.

CHIA SEEDS – Ancient Diet, Timeless Wisdom

4 Jul

A good friend had recommended that I read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.  It was one of those books that you just can’t put down (others that fit this category include Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, and End the Fed).  He does a fine job of illustrating the importance and forgotten love of running, its psychological importance (running to, for, and away from things), and a tribe of people called the Tarahumara.

If you even remotely like running, and perhaps if you don’t but think you might, you would love the wisdom and story that is tangled in these pages.  What I took away is a new addition to my diet (something I explored a couple years ago but never took to) – chia seeds.  Chia seeds are tiny black seeds packed full of super-nutrition.  You can purchase them in bulk at most healthfood stores, and of course you can find places to purchase them online.

The nutrients packed full in these tiny seeds include: omega-3s, omega-6s, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, fiber, and antioxidants.  The Tarahumara make iskiate – which has chia seeds dissolved in water, with a bit of sugar and lime.  I have made this substituting honey for the sugar – and it is pretty tasty.  You can also dissolve chia seeds in a juice of your choice.  (If you are using water, I strongly suggest using filtered water – the reason – tap water can have sediment in it that is not conducive to optimum health).

When you “dissolve” the seeds, it creates this gelatin-like substance.  It doesn’t look real pretty, but it tastes like whatever you dissolve it in and you can almost immediately feel the energy from the drink.  Go figure, like an all-natural energy concoction.

The Tarahumara are a tribe of very peaceful people who are also super-athletes (can run 50 miles at the drop of a hat).  Their love of their families and their community are beautiful – and our own country could use to think about implementing some of their actions into our own livelihoods.
So, if you can, pick up the book, but more importantly, give chia seeds a try.  I think you will find a wonderful addition to your diet, and see some very positive health benefits.

Resources to Check Out

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

The Magic of Chia by James F. Scheer

Does Anyone Really Think that Banning Bad Food Creates Health?

11 Apr


A Chicago school banned home-lunches because the school’s choices are healthier. It is a crime that we even call most of the food that we eat “food”, however, who is to judge? The principal of the school? I think not.


It is up to the parents and the students WHAT THEY PUT INTO THEIR BODIES. Healthy or not – it is their individual responsibility and personal choice and natural-born right. Let them consume what they want for their lunches. Let’s ponder the things that we have banned and the effect of the ban…

1.) Alcohol = Prohibition = The Mob (at leas an increase thereof)

2.) Marijuana = Drug War on the Border = Dangerous Drug Lords and Crimes

Both of these ALSO created a black market – do we think that food will be any different? If we really wanted make our kids and students healthier, we would work on supply-based solutions (e.g. providing nutritious, truly “natural” and organic produce, meats, and other treats). Food with nutrients would be a great place to create a positive difference – let the free market help to satisfy this need. There are plenty of farmers and producers (including the upcoming “urban farmers”) who would like to help satisfy this demand for our nation’s kids and students. Our unhealthy choices are a social problem – and it will take something much different than a ban on twinkies to make a difference.

We Americans are stubborn and resilient – people have to change themselves, and it all starts with education and knowledge. Not banning lunches packed at home.

Farm-Grown Vegetables?

11 Mar

I just heard that Campbell’s soup uses farm-grown ingredients.


This was a huge relief since I had thought that the vegetables were grown using some other method. Of course, with the advent of genetically-modified foods, I suppose that my fear is warranted and may well be on its way anyway.


However, please note, that “fresh and farm-grown ingredients” are and have been a part of nutrition for thousands of years. And are not a new phenomena. If fresh and farm-ground is what you really want – don’t watch a commercial – go and find your farmer. And look into growing your own food – it is possible, less expensive, a true stance of freedom, and healthier.

A Better Way to Drink Water?

9 Mar

Crystal Light, quotes their product as being a “better way to drink water”.


Pouring in water a flavoring full of aspartame (the artificial sweetener that is border-line poison in my opinion), anti-caking agents, preservatives, and Yellow #5 is better for you?  Of course!!  Only 5 calories, and you are on your way to flavored nutrition in a glass!

I personally have had negative side effects from consuming aspartame (migraine headaches and shaking).  I have heard of these same phenomena happening to several of my clients and readers.  I have also talked to people who are watching family members slowly develop worse and worse symptoms associated to their consumption of this no-calorie sweetener that does NOT interact in your body the way that natural sugars do.

So, the good news?  The Calorie Control Council, who represents around “60 manufacturers and suppliers of low-calorie, low-fat and light foods and beverages, including the manufacturers and suppliers of more than a dozen different dietary sweeteners, fat replacers and other low-calorie ingredients” ( says that aspartame is good for you and NOT TO WORRY – it is safe!  Anything bad you hear about aspartame on the Internet may make you a victim of email hoaxes, and there are plenty of well-known resources to promise you the safety of this substance.  Never mind that the people who are selling you this product are the ones that are telling you it is safe (and never mind that regulatory agencies are also “doing their job” and protecting your interests).

I, personally, enjoy sugar that comes from a plant or a bee-hive.  The process behind the creation of aspartame is quite intense, and although this may not be enough to raise your eyebrows, how about the methanol content in aspartame?  The “methanol from aspartame is converted to formaldehyde and then formic acid” – and believe it or not FORMALDEHYDE INSIDE OF YOUR BODY IS BAD NEWS.

Gulf war syndrome, which includes symptoms such as headaches, chemical sensitivities and neurological symptoms – MAY be linked to aspartame consumption, although you will never find a definitive study that proves it.  There are many other factors that could play a part in this, however, men and women suffered and it is because of something – we should be figuring out what that was.

There is obviously some controversy and interesting history behind this product.

Thankfully, we can be above blaming and just focus on things that we know are safe and can’t hurt us – that would be cane sugar and honey.  And they may not be the sweet non-calorie delight of Crystal Light, but I promise you that your body knows how to digest them, and that they won’t harm you or kill you in small quantities.

Use your liberty to make good choices about what you put into your body – avoid anything that needs industry tests and governmental regulations to monitor its safety – it is a simple way to protest bureaucracy and at the same time build a healthy body (and mind for that matter).

RAW MILK – Let ME Decide What Is Dangerous or Not

30 Jan

In Minnesota, several lawmakers are trying to make it easier to purchase raw or unpasteurized milk (yay for representatives making laws to re-create a free market).  Big Dairy (large conglomerates of the food machine that seeks to not allow people to make free choices about what they eat or do not eat) is apparently fighting this.

Believe it or not, modern pasteurization as a process is relatively new in the scheme of human existence (late 1800’s).  That means that for THOUSANDS of years people were consuming raw milk.  Hmmm…

So, if I decide that I like raw milk – I should be able to consume it.  Just like if I would like to consume chocolate, or beer, or lawn clippings for that matter.  I, being an independent and “free” American should be able to make choices about what I do or do not put into my body.  And, I don’t want anyone protecting me from that OR forcing me to be protected.  That is simply wrong.

I believe in the powers of raw milk because I have consumed it for over three years.  I am not afraid of it because I KNOW the people who produce it, that is the best type of check and balance one can have with food – KNOW WHO GREW IT, RAISED IT, OR MADE IT.  Simple.

So, in a perfect world (which I create in my head every morning), people would learn about what they are eating and government would stay out of the process.  Yes, some regulations are absolutely necessary, however, even with all of the protections we already have, there are slip-ups and mistakes and people who get sick and die.  That is a process of life, and we need to understand that – we are human.

And, as a human being exercising a free will to as I like with my body, brain, and soul – I can tell you that raw milk should be able to be bought and sold where we the people demand it.


22 Jan

Although shots of Patrón, Jim Beam, or a Duck Fart, may temporarily ease woes and allow one to step out onto the dance floor (mind you I have never tried the Duck Fart, so I would not test that one on a dancing night), they are most likely not as healthy as a shot of raw organic apple cider vinegar.

As a part of my daily routine to preserve myself, I take a shot of this stuff, chased by another concoction, a green drink.  Apple cider vinegar has been around for a long time – it is completely natural, and one can even make it for their own consumption.

The history of vinegar as a good food with medicinal properties dates back a long time (a very reliable source of research versus our current pharmaceutical approach).

“It is amongst the oldest of foods and medicines know to man. For its healing ways, vinegar has been used for thousands of years. In 400 B.C, Hypocrites, known as the father of medicine, treated patients with vinegar, making it one of the world’s first medicines. Throughout biblical times, vinegar was successfully used to treat infections and wounds. For centuries medical textbooks have listed various ways to use vinegar. These uses include everything from keeping a sharp mind to purifying the waters of the body and to easing pain and alleviating dozens of other ailments” (

Although vinegar is acidic (and that is noticeable because of the amazing burning sensation as it caresses down one’s esophagus), it has been shown that it actually causes people’s pH levels to become more alkaline.  The more alkaline your body is, the less chance there is for disease to subsist or proliferate.

There are numerous other benefits, and a simple Google search will allow one to find copious amounts of information about raw organic apple cider vinegar.  I highly urge you spending time doing this versus Googling “Duck Fart”.

– Tisha Casida

Beat Cancer – Prevent It!

22 Jan

Children getting cancer should prove to us that there is something very wrong within our environment and with the food that we are consuming.  A small case can be made for genetic dispositions and characteristics – the fact is that this should be a severe warning sign for us as a population.

In Canada, a four year old with breast cancer was recently treated with a double mastectomy .  The wonders of modern detection and treatment should be praised, however, what should be questioned is the lack of research determining the cause of this – why are four-year-olds getting cancer?

Cancer is when abnormal (sick) cells proliferate uncontrollably, sometimes just growing and sometimes spreading throughout one’s body.  What causes abnormal/sick cells?  Toxins in the environment that are able to enter our bodies, toxins in our food that are ingested.  There is probably even the case that emotional characteristics can cause cells stress that then make them sick or mutate.  In any of these three cases, we know what these toxins are, we know what stress is, hence, we know how to PREVENT (as much as we can) cancer from even starting.

After a bout of sickness in my youth, I was propelled to learn about the amazing amounts of poisons we put in the environment, as well as into our bodies.  Our centralized food supply is highly dependent upon chemicals that not only make toxins a necessary part of the growth of food, these chemicals also deplete the nutrient-dense soil that actually produces healthy food.  Add to this the toxins in our homes (cleaners, artificial fragrances, offgassing from home construction, etc.), and air quality in most urban networks that is questionable at best – and you have a toxic soup.

Solution?  We can control our environment as much as we possibly can, and we can also purchase foods that actually nourish our body and combat the creation of sick and abnormal cells.  We can get to know who actually produces our food – Know Your Farmer, Know Your Rancher.  We can seek out cleaners and other components of our household that do not have harsh and dangerous chemicals in them.  We can put on our body (lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics) items that do not have toxic ingredients.  Step by step, ingredient by ingredient, meal by meal – we can change what we do to prevent the many forms of cancer which plague our world, especially our children.

A four-year-old that has to have a double mastectomy is enough for me to do everything in my power to create a healthier world for my own kids and grand-kids, and I hope it does this for you as well.

Nutrition/Health is NOT Big Brother in Our Choices

7 Dec

By: Tisha Casida (Originally Posted at That’s Natural!)

Sitting here this morning, contemplating the New York legislation that could stop bake sales within schools, I am just appalled at how much people “in charge” of our students’ health actually know about nutrition.  Or claim to know.

Yes, there is an obesity epidemic.  Is that from unhealthy food alone?  What constitutes “unhealthy”?  Whose fault is it really that our society is eating awful processed food laden with preservatives, artificial sugars, flavorings, and colors?  Whose fault is it that we are dependent upon a centralized food system that encourages food to be processed in quantity but not in quality?

It is everyone’s fault because We The People, somewhere in the past fifty years, demanded this type of food.  We also allowed our government to subsidize agricultural products that, in effect, affects our food choices.  Whose job is it to get us out of this?  I can tell you whose job it isn’t – THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.  Our mess has been created because of social and market variables and those same variables should be addressed in finding solutions to the obesity epidemic.  Legislating out bake sales during school hours is not going to cut it.

In addition to the idiocy of thinking this will actually change kids’ consumption patterns, why aren’t we looking at the actual nutritional value of food.  A cupcake made with real butter, whole wheat pastry flour, raw sugar, and cage-free eggs is empirically different than a cupcake made with hydrogenated oils, white flour, high-fructose corn syrup, and eggs from hens that are deformed and piled on top of each other in inhumane living conditions.   That is what we should be analyzing in our food supply – the nutritional value of the foods our kids consume.

Most food that is available in large quantities for consumption is processed, filled with preservatives and “fill-products”, and devoid of the proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for health.  Health is not only about one’s body mass index, it is also about how much we are nourishing our brain – the powerhouse that allows us to not only think, but also perform any physical activity.  Our brain is made of the same type of stuff that our body is and requires nutrition to work correctly.

Instead of the “stick” approach, to punish or ban people from activities that could harm their health (e.g. going to a bake sale or purchasing a Happy Meal with a toy), there should be the “carrot” – and it should be a locally-raised, natural carrot that has been grown in healthy soil and has the nutritional content it is supposed to have.  We should be finding ways to break down barriers and get healthy, local (when possible) foods into kids hands, and by healthy, I DO NOT mean low-fat, I mean foods that are full of nutrition (this includes healthy fats, produce, protein sources devoid of hormones and antibiotics, and vitamins and minerals that are essential building blocks of brains and bodies).  In addition to this, the government can encourage it, but to really work, we must have market mechanisms (the private sector, supply and demand, consumer education) behind the initiative.  We The People must demand this food – in our kitchens, in our grocery stores, in our schools.  If the market (you and I) demands it, it will happen.  And that is the most free, sustainable, and effective means of creating an environment for healthy kids.

I would rather choose what I eat, and therefore never want Big Brother in my kitchen.  I choose to eat healthy, and other people should too.  The only way we will have a healthy society is when we have one with healthy bodies and brains making those decisions for themselves and their family members, not being dependent upon government to stop us from harming ourselves.