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The Liberty Tour – The Week After

1 Oct
Kurt & Trevor from and Tisha Casida from Good American Post at Nullify Now Tour in Ft. Worth, Texas


The 20 days traveling on the Liberty Bus offered many lessons and opportunities that I would have never had otherwise.

The highlight of this trip was meeting the folks from and Nullify Now  – people that love liberty and stand for liberty – citizens that represent this great country: hard-working, loving, and responsible people.  The Good American Post and Nimble Pig are very excited to continue our relationship with these folks and will look forward to promoting many of their events and initiatives that will be occurring across the country.

I learned that 500K + followers of the Ron Paul campaign are sometimes called “peons” by the elite establishment.  The anger I have towards the people that have the audacity to think this way will be reflected in the fact that these hundreds of thousands of liberty-lovers are the saving grace of this country and our true weapon against this establishment.  The people will prevail.

I learned that the road to professionalism has everything to do with being able to connect yourself to those that make consuming and voting decisions, I learned that in order to work with small businesses and “talent”, it is necessary to decentralize power and allow individuals to take responsibility for their actions.  A corporate culture of command and control does not work with local economies, small businesses, and We The People.

I learned that it is possible to shrink a human stomach, and that it is possible to find natural and organic health food stores in most towns, and that most of those places smell of vitamins and have people wandering around who look like they need vitamins and supplements (which seems to be a phenomena).

I learned that there are plenty of conservatives who like organic and natural food as much as I do, and that wearing “flip-flops” or sandals does not necessarily indicate that you are unprofessional, unintelligent, or unworthy of human approval.  I learned that there are conservatives who are vegetarian, and as I have many times indicated, there is nothing wrong with that.

I heard a man say “Be careful of whose toes you step on today, because those may be the feet you are kissing tomorrow”.  I believe that people should be treated with respect, even if you disagree with them.   Creating that kind of dialogue will be absolutely necessary to “save” our country.

I believe in the future of this great country.  I believe in the “nobodies” that apparently make up the consuming public and electorate.  And I believe that liberty is worth every bit of pain and sacrifice that each of us can engage in to preserve such.

Founder of The Good American Post, Tisha T. Casida, is traveling across the country with the Liberty Bus from Liberty in America.  Join he through the adventure here at


The Liberty Bus Tour – Day 1 Reflections

21 Sep
The Liberty Bus sits outside of downtown Pueblo, Colorado

Day 1

Officially my journey started at 7:46PM, MST on August 28, 2010.  We made it about 100 feet before pulling into Loaf N’Jug – cigars for Gordy and an emergency pack of American Spirits for me.   Although I have always had faith in my own personal strength, patience, and vicissitude – I have never been on a bus traveling across the country; hence, nicotine.

We are now heading south on I-25 towards Santa Fe.  It is actually the next morning; we stayed at a very nice KOA run by Denny Matthews – it was situated near Las Vegas, New Mexico (  He cooked us a hearty breakfast this morning and sent us on our way – Godspeed Denny!

Lessons learned thus far:  I do not fit into a size 5/6 pair of sandals no matter how princess-like I believe my feet to be.  And, isn’t it amazing the spirit of Americans – traveling like nomads across the country – seeking peace, experiencing companionship, enjoying nature.  Freedom and the ability to go anywhere we want and do anything we want is what made this country so great.  An ability to take responsibility and be self-sustainable – to survive, on our own, without anyone else’s help, power or influence is what has embraced Americana and brought millions of people to this country from all over the world.

The crisp New Mexico air chants – survival, I am free, I move, I breathe – I am free.

Founder of The Good American Post, Tisha T. Casida, is traveling across the country with the Liberty Bus from Liberty in America.  Join he through the adventure here at

The Liberty Tour – Day 5 Reflections

2 Sep

I am 28 years old – I AM the next generation of leadership.  The next generation, potentially classified as people ages 20-34, represent 20.3% of the population (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010).

The first event we were at in Las Vegas, Nevada, seemed fairly successful; although I did not see a whole lot of people who represent the next generation (maybe 10 our of several hundred).  That is partially disappointing, but also an indicator of who these event coordinators are targeting and reaching.

I am still amazed at how I am often treated as if I “don’t know anything” or that I am “inexperienced/worthless” to the cause because I am young (go ahead and argue against this, but I know what I see).  Of course not from everyone, there are people who understand that this next generation of leaders are very important to the cause, but from “the party”, oftentimes this group of voters and consumers (the next generation) are thought of as futile to reach.

I would like to argue against that throughout this journey.

Next, oftentimes at these rallies, we are “speaking to the choir” and rehashing the same old talking points.  This is such a waste of time because the people in this choir know that there are problems – if we could spend this time actually engaging in the solutions – that would make a difference.

I think I am going to make it a point to start taking every moment spent rehashing the issues and instead use this time to do something productive.  Stay tuned…


U.S. Census Bureau. (2010).  Retrieved on September 2, 2010 from

Founder of The Good American Post, Tisha T. Casida, is traveling across the country with the Liberty Bus from Liberty in America.  Join he through the adventure here at

The Liberty Bus Tour – Day 4 Musings

1 Sep

We use words to communicate.  Our words, definitions, connotations, and ideas behind these words can help us to advance a cause or stifle us in our opinions.

Liberal – what does this mean now?  People who are socially progressive?  Progressive – what does that mean now?

Conservative – what does that mean now?

Take the base of these words:

Liberal = liber/liberty “to be free”

Progressive = progress “to move forward”

Conservative = conserve “to conserve resources”

I am going to make a point – that we are all Americans.  Possibly different ideologies, but basically, we are all the same thing.

Environmentalists want to protect resources, well, so do hunters and fishers.  Conservation specialists and ranchers want to conserve resources, well, so do people who love the environment (reduce, re-use, recycle).  People who love natural wellness and health seek out alternative medicine because this is not yet heavily regulated by the government – conservative thinkers agree that the federal government has too much power, that includes too much power and force in our food and medicine/drug supply.

As humans we try to find words to explain feelings and emotions, but then we often mislead ourselves into thinking that these words pigeon-hole everyone into a category, which can then have very negative connotations and repercussions on society.

What to do?  Stop finding definitions for people and instead look at them for what they love, what they value, and what they want.  We may be surprised that often it is the very same thing.

Founder of The Good American Post, Tisha T. Casida, is traveling across the country with the Liberty Bus from Liberty in America.  Join he through the adventure here at

The Liberty Bus Tour – Day 3 Musings

31 Aug

When one hands out a Constitution of the United States of America, and is refused by someone who replies “Oh, I don’t want one of those,” what is one to think?  Perhaps they feel that people who embrace constitutional principles are too conservative; sure, I guess that makes sense.  Or perhaps they feel like they already know enough.  As a fairly libertarian thinker, I often feel as if people pre-judge anything having to do with liberty as “right”,  “conservative”, even “republican”.  If they have pre-judged the constitution as this, and are of the “liberal” mindset that embraces more seats at the table for the federal government, then wouldn’t they actually be more apt to espouse the rules and guidelines for our country?  If those who enjoy government intervention and social welfare initiatives truly love these things, shouldn’t they want to know the rules and guidelines for the entire country – the constitution?

It is funny how far away we are from how our country was founded – with people who gave life and limb for the freedom to speak, to worship God, to own property – to people who turn their head and heart away from what makes us all Americans – liberty.

Stopping in Searchlight, Nevada, we were a little apprehensive of our 40-foot bus and van plastered with liberty-oriented words and symbols (thinking that Harry Reid’s old stomping grounds were very pro-Harry Reid).  However, the community members that we spoke to were quite upset at the situation at-hand.  It is “out of hand”, and these people in positions of power are capitalizing off of their position in government as “public servants”.  The consensus seemed to be that Mr. Reid has been in there too long.

Gordy brought up an excellent point – when a representative capitalizes off of information about property, business ventures, or government-contracts – isn’t that a bit like insider trading?  When a representative becomes cognizant of land being used for a multi-million dollar construction project, and purchases that land at a discount or otherwise gains ownership of that land (then later selling it at a premium to the government), isn’t that a bit like having insider-information and making a purchase/sell decision based off of that?

We thought so.  If businesses can’t do it – why can our representatives, or public servants in our government?

Founder of The Good American Post, Tisha T. Casida, is traveling across the country with the Liberty Bus from Liberty in America.  Join he through the adventure here at

The Liberty Bus Tour – Day 2 Reflections

30 Aug
Beth is serenaded with Gordy looking on at Black Barts in Flagstaff, Arizona

Second day on the Liberty Bus, and we are headed to Arizona (via New Mexico).  We stopped briefly in Santa Fe for a quick walk around the Plaza et al. (imagine driving a 40-foot bus with van attached through the crowded streets of Santa Fe – we have an amazing bus driver).

Here I had the wonderful opportunity to drag Gordy to an art venue – The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum (; we each picked out our favorite paintings (abstract), and explained their “meaning” to each other and why we chose them as favorites.  The “Abstraction” exhibit, which will show through September 12, 2010, was phenomenal.

After the drive on I-25 and I-40 (and more unbelievable maneuvering of the Liberty Bus through a KOA campground with plenty of foliage and roots – cheers Gordy!), we ended up at Black Barts Steakhouse, Saloon, and Musical Revue  ( The food was delicious, and these talented young men and women put on quite a show for their guests.   They work at Black Barts while going to school and completing a program in music/performing arts at Northern Arizona University.  The “musical revue” component was a nice addition – Beth was serenaded by our waiter to “Hello Dolly” – that is the picture that you can see here on this post.

What makes our country so great?  There are a lot of components, but a true revere for freedom of speech and the freedom to pursue an artistic career as well as to express oneself through the visual or performing arts (no matter what the “medium”) is truly catamount to the United States of America, and the liberties that we have to pursue such adventures and careers.  That is why I love my country.

Founder of The Good American Post, Tisha T. Casida, is traveling across the country with the Liberty Bus from Liberty in America.  Join he through the adventure here at