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Equality & Inconsistencies of Fear-Mongering

4 May

Fear-mongering encourages us to act as if the next generation of people are incapable of making sound decisions for their use of energy, technology, and money.  The human spirit evolves not devolves no matter how much hype or anger the media or certain individuals want to hurl at the subject.

Just for a moment, imagine that we live in a society that could use all of its resources to better itself, mankind, and the world at-large.  Its resources are plentiful and its means of utilizing them are continually enhancing their efficiencies and optimal performance.

This is no pipe-dream that we are imagining, this is the reality that we face.  The problems that we have caused are when we try to limit or boost production using federal regulations or subsidies that are unequal in nature.  There would be nothing wrong with regulations or subsidies if they were equal across the spectrum of industries and technologies.  Lobbying, the marketing effort used by thousands of men and women to get what they want and prosper from it, has a place in our society – it is in the private sector, not on the steps of Washington, D.C. where is it our taxpayer money that is unequivocally being utilized for projects and processes that are screaming the loudest and cornering the most money.  There is no equality in that.  We are born equal – with equal opportunity in the greatest country on the planet.

I say to you, DO NOT FEAR – do not fear those that shout the loudest that the world is ending, that the country is doomed, that we are hopeless.  Nothing is further from the truth.  The human spirit, the American spirit, is alive and well and it is truly a matter of us who love sound debate, honesty, and integrity to understand that the shouting, the rhetoric, and the fear-mongering is out of place.  Solutions loom around us – solutions that harm no one and benefit the greater good.  It is just a matter of knowing that’s the case and believing in ourselves.



1 Jan

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