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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

11 Jan

Another day, more conversations with both conservative and liberal friends who are all wonderful people and generally agree on the same principles.  Alas, I am reminded that what we can agree on is freedom, especially the freedom to make choices that affect our personal liberties.  Isn’t that what is all comes down to?  Recently I wrote a post for BureauCrash concerning the commonality between “right” and “left”, you can read such HERE.

To make positive and sustainable changes for the next generation, it is going to be absolutely necessary to stop hurling insults and throwing stones at one another because of any reason, especially political party affiliation and personal choices affecting one’s house and home.  We have to find this common ground to move our country forward – that means creating a sound and prosperous economic environment, as well as communities and food/environmental systems that are sustainable.