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Day 7 – Justice Will Be Served

25 Jun

A potential cure for cancer – we have it, we have had it for awhile and the powers that be at a federal level don’t want you to have it.  In other words, there are men and women who have suppressed the cure and have propagated disease – whose souls will one day see justice.
When I was very young, I picked up a book called “World Without Cancer” (published in 1974 by G. Edward Griffin) and tried to figure out why the U.S. government would ban a natural substance called laetrile (vitamin B-17).

Today, someone passed onto me information on a movie called “Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business”.  It is an illustration that money, greed, and unlimited power at the federal level is actually killing people.  By neglecting cures, and propagating poison, there is blood on the hands of many people who have made these decisions and continue to ignore the truth.

The human body is an amazing machine, and one’s spiritual temple – disease is a sign that something is not right.  There are numerous things we can do to prevent disease, and there are potential cures that EXIST and that HONEST doctors have known about for over 30 years (maybe much longer).  Surprisingly enough, the FDA does not seem to support these cures.

Shame on those who have tried to stop Dr. Burzynski and numerous other doctors who have cured cancer – I pray that every American who reads this takes the time to watch and purchase this movie – justice will be served.




Beat Cancer – Prevent It!

22 Jan

Children getting cancer should prove to us that there is something very wrong within our environment and with the food that we are consuming.  A small case can be made for genetic dispositions and characteristics – the fact is that this should be a severe warning sign for us as a population.

In Canada, a four year old with breast cancer was recently treated with a double mastectomy .  The wonders of modern detection and treatment should be praised, however, what should be questioned is the lack of research determining the cause of this – why are four-year-olds getting cancer?

Cancer is when abnormal (sick) cells proliferate uncontrollably, sometimes just growing and sometimes spreading throughout one’s body.  What causes abnormal/sick cells?  Toxins in the environment that are able to enter our bodies, toxins in our food that are ingested.  There is probably even the case that emotional characteristics can cause cells stress that then make them sick or mutate.  In any of these three cases, we know what these toxins are, we know what stress is, hence, we know how to PREVENT (as much as we can) cancer from even starting.

After a bout of sickness in my youth, I was propelled to learn about the amazing amounts of poisons we put in the environment, as well as into our bodies.  Our centralized food supply is highly dependent upon chemicals that not only make toxins a necessary part of the growth of food, these chemicals also deplete the nutrient-dense soil that actually produces healthy food.  Add to this the toxins in our homes (cleaners, artificial fragrances, offgassing from home construction, etc.), and air quality in most urban networks that is questionable at best – and you have a toxic soup.

Solution?  We can control our environment as much as we possibly can, and we can also purchase foods that actually nourish our body and combat the creation of sick and abnormal cells.  We can get to know who actually produces our food – Know Your Farmer, Know Your Rancher.  We can seek out cleaners and other components of our household that do not have harsh and dangerous chemicals in them.  We can put on our body (lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics) items that do not have toxic ingredients.  Step by step, ingredient by ingredient, meal by meal – we can change what we do to prevent the many forms of cancer which plague our world, especially our children.

A four-year-old that has to have a double mastectomy is enough for me to do everything in my power to create a healthier world for my own kids and grand-kids, and I hope it does this for you as well.

Prevention as a Cure for Cancer

12 Jun


It has always interested (and infuriated) me at the amount of time and money that has been spent on “finding a cure” for cancer.  Although this is a very honorable and well-meant task, at the end of the day we do know what causes cancer, and therefore, there is no good reason on planet earth why we should not spend time and money preventing cancer from happening in the first place.

What causes cancer?  Cells that are sick – sick from chemicals, sick from not being fed nutrients in the first place, sick from genetic defects that cause negative reactions in one’s body.  Rogue cells that are not functioning the way that they should – that is what can cause most any type of cancer to start forming.

What is a somewhat proven (see disclaimer above) prevention?  Eating nutritious food that nourishes your body.  Drinking pure water that is not chuck full of chemicals.  Avoiding exposure to chemicals in and on one’s body whether it be in the food we eat, or in the home where we live.

It is really that simple.  Not to say it will work every time, but it is in my opinion that if we spent millions and millions of dollars making sure that we eat healthy, drink pure water, and get rid of the toxic chemicals that are so common in our food supply and home environment, that we would soon start to see healthier people, and a much more sustainable “cure” for cancer.

– Tisha Casida

Chemicals to Avoid, Part I – Bisphenol A (BPA)

31 May

By: Tisha Casida

They are everywhere.  The water you drink, the bed where you sleep, the clothing you wear, and in all parts of a modern household.  They are toxic.  Seeping into one’s skin, lungs, blood, and vital organs.  They are making people sick.  Cancer, sexual problems, and behavioral issues are a part of that list of sicknesses.

Five chemicals have been researched and evaluated for their effect on a human being.  These chemicals include:

–       Bisphenol A (BPA)

–       Phthalates

–       PFOA

–       Formaldehyde

–       Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PDBEs)

David S. Martin, a senior medical producer at CNN, summarized these in an article (Martin, 2010).  Since learning about the dangers of many chemicals in our food supply and general environment, I have been relatively aware of the potential dangers of these to the human body.  What is exciting, and equally frustrating, is that there is finally some body of research to back what should have been understood about these chemicals in the first place – before they became so rampant in our daily lives.

Bisphenol A (BPA)

This chemical is a component of a plastic called polycarbonate, and would be found in products like: water bottles, food storage containers (reusable plastic), and electronics.  Naturally, if we are consuming foods or handling these plastics, then we are being exposed to them.  This is especially important to remember for infants and toddlers, who put everything into their mouth.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found, when testing the urine of people for exposure, that 93% of those tested had some level of BPA in their system (Bucher & Shelby, 2010).  The folks at the National Toxicology Program (NTP) warranted “some concern” for adverse effects from BPA.  If you would like to see what “some concern” equates to, I encourage you to look at the actual report (see references below).

Potential adverse health risks that have been expressed but not proven (and will likely never will be because of the ties between industry and politics) include: reduced male sexual function, potential cancer risk (by mimicking estrogen and causing chemical reactions in the endocrine system), and negatively affecting the development of fetuses, infants, and young children.

Let me point out a small link here – BABY BOTTLES AND INFANT FEEDING CUPS – made out of plastic, will likely have BPA in them.

The Food and Drug Administration allows BPA in flexible food packaging (Martin, 2010).  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has called for more rigorous testing of BPA and finds it a “chemical of concern” (EPA, 2010).

Tisha’s suggestions, which are not proven, peer-reviewed, or tested (except on myself of course) include:

  1. Do not drink water bottled in plastic, ESPECIALLY if that plastic has gotten hot – use glass bottles, or stainless steel bottles.
  2. Do not use reusable plastic containers – use glass.
  3. Do not EVER heat up food or water in plastic containers in the microwave
  4. DO NOT heat up baby bottles or ANY of baby’s food in plastic containers in the microwave.

You are what you eat.  Don’t make one of those things BPA, which is obviously having negative impacts on the health of our country and kids.

Next time, we will look at: Phthalates


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