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WATER – What it is and what it is not.

4 Jul

Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water, with our brains being made up of about 70% water.  So, just from a statistical standpoint, making sure that we have good, clean water is smart.  As a matter of fact, it is crucial that we have clean and ‘healthy’ drinking water.


Not too long ago, clean water sounded very simple.  In the 20th century, however, with increased development, we are relying on public water systems to store and clean our water.  In addition to this, more and more people are a part of our ecosystem – meaning more and more water is needed, consumed, and excreted.  And there are more and more substances (pollutants and otherwise) entering our ecosystems and water systems.

Recent additions and developments to our water supply include chlorine, fluoride, and nanoparticles coming from pharmaceutical drugs.  The “experts” will give you all of the reasons in the world why X amount of particulates in the water is safe for consumption.  I, Tisha Casida, as consumer and bearer of multiple chemical sensitives (MCS), will tell you that those chemicals are not that good nor safe for our consumption.  It just isn’t natural – at all – and the repercussions from drinking those particulates for X number of years, in addition to combining those particulates within a human body with a myriad of other inputs and chemicals, can simply not be tested for accuracy and effect.  It is impossible.  The only sure bet is to drink water that is clean and does not have any type of modern industrial chemical in it.  Now, this is near impossible to do, but we can take baby steps.

First step?  Try and get some type of filtration system for the water that you drink at home.  There are a bunch of them – do your research and find one that fits into your budget.

Second step?  Drink water that is of extremely high-quality a couple times a week.  Splurge and purchase some spring water, some Penta, or some other type of water that you can trust.

Next step?  Start supplementing additional nutrients into your water and overall diet that will help build up your immune system.  I found a wonderful product called Cell Food, which you can put into your water or other beverages – it is an oxygen plus nutrient (minerals, enzymes, amino acids) supplement.

Our water supply is a big deal.  It is a monumental task to get public water systems to evaluate and change how they “create” drinking water, but we can take our own steps to maintain our own health.  Start with your water that you put into your body – it has everything to do with how we feel.


Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) – No Joke

5 Feb

Part of my frustration in the past ten years has been being the canary in the coal mine for my family and friends who just have no idea how dangerous certain chemicals are. After my over-exposure to pesticides/insecticides as a child, I have left my now 29-year-old body in a state that is super-sensitive to chemicals that I come in contact with.

Sometimes they are perfumes, sometimes cleaners, and sometimes other scents and antibacterial lotions/potions that are chock-full of chemicals that in small quantities can actually be dangerous. Small quantities become large quantities when you take into the equation all of the other chemicals that are raging in our food, air, water, etc.

Today the culprit is methyl nonyl ketone, which is in some strange pet-repellent that was sprayed in my parent’s home. Now, of course the MSDS sheet and other information says things like “Carcinogenic Effects: Not available”, “Mutagenic effects: Not available”, “Teratogenic Effects: Not available”, “Developmental Toxicty: Not available”. Nothing is known. Now, everyone would like you to think that the unknown is because there is no problem there – I, canary in the coal mine, can tell you that this chemical has some ill-effect on something because I can sense it. It sets off my senses and makes me feel ill.

Unfortunately in our society, such a warning is not enough. So, this is a battle cry. An opportunity to educate others – a cry out to others who have chemical sensitivities or MCS – that you are not alone. More and more people will become sensitive as our human bodies start to recognize that they are full-up of poison. Only then, will so many people change. But, it has to start somewhere, it has to be written, it has to be expressed.

We do that here – albeit the fate of a canary for anyone who recognizes the dangers of the pollutants that we fill our environment, our home, and our body with.