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Teen Pregnancy in Pueblo County

2 Jul

I was reminded how serious this issue is in Pueblo County when a young girl was telling me that she had helped administer a class teaching teens how to be teen mothers.  All of that just really made me think that there is problem- shouldn’t this young girl be helping teach something like chemistry, biology, music, art, gardening, anything OTHER than how to be a teen mom?

Today in the paper, The Pueblo Chieftain reported that the Pueblo City-County Health Department used a $50,000 grant to have a health care consulting firm tell them that the reason for Pueblo’s amazingly high teen pregnancy rate is:

1. A lack of adequate sex education

2. A high use of alcohol and drugs

3. Boredom

Now,  they could have not paid me a dime to tel them about the latter two – I have grown up in Pueblo County and know the lack of infrastructure and support for our youth.  When they try to put a 29-year-old entrepreneur out of business, they are probably not going out of their way to make sure the next generation has a support system to help them grow into leaders.  This is first a SOCIAL problem and secondly a  COMMUNITY problem, and we should all hold ourselves accountable.

The first reason for a high teen pregnancy rate has some valid points, however,  shouldn’t parents be helping with some of this education?  Why is the STATE taking charge of this?  Shouldn’t our parents and communities be doing something?  Yeah, I know it is complex.   I think what is lacking is the concept of SUCCESS, of HOPE, of WORK, of DOING anything.  When you grow up without access to tools and resources to make you want to grow – emotionally, physically, spiritually – then, you don’t grow, you stagnate.  And you try to escape from reality.  Hence, boredom and the use of drugs and alcohol and having sex at a young age without understanding the potential consequences of those actions.

I pray for this community – when the teen pregnancy rates of Colorado and the rest of the nation are decreasing and Pueblo County’s are increasing – we have to take a hard look at what is going on here.  And maybe instead of reaching out to a consulting firm to explain the obvious, why don’t you use that money within our own community to provide better support systems and outlets for teens to be creative, express themselves, and have some hope for the future?


Dear City of Pueblo, Colorado (Introducing the David vs. Goliath Award)

1 Nov

Dear City of Pueblo,

Tonight was our final Evening Farmers’ Market at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center; we had the opportunity to honor forgotten heroes – these are men and women who have served in the armed forces or in law enforcement that have done tremendous things for our country and community.

Prior to the event, we called every news station, sent press releases to our local newspaper (The Pueblo Chieftain), and of course rallied the cause in our own circles.

To put it bluntly, no one came.  No new community members, no representatives from the City of Pueblo or County of Pueblo (except for those being honored), no large masses of people involved in the organizations that we were honoring, and no press – no television, no newspaper, no radio.  Nothing.

How embarrassing.  How sad that we have fought so hard to have this venue, to honor these people, to encourage local economic development, and people turn their backs.  The community is guilty, the government officials are guilty, and the media is guilty.  I am ashamed and disgusted at this place that I once called my community.

Why do we have a problem in our society right now?  I think there are many variables, but one of the biggest is ignorance.  Ignorance of issues; ignorance of “we the people”.  Ignorance in the sense of being so wrapped up in one’s own agenda that they forget that we are all in this together, and that we are not supposed to be fighting each other – we are supposed to be helping each other.

To this day, twenty-one days after sending a letter to every representative in the city and county, as well as the city manager, Jerry Pacheco, I have still not received a substantial answer or reply to the discriminating treatment that I received from the Pueblo City-County Health Department, Pueblo Regional Building, and Pueblo City Sales Tax.  How pathetic – not even some acknowledgment that I am a young entrepreneur in the city doing some fairly commendable things and increasing opportunities for people to sell goods and services.  I guess that Pueblo does not need any more revenues for its budget, nor does it need a 28-year-old native to stay in the community and work to increase opportunities for Pueblo’s future.

I had the opportunity to bring the Liberty Bus, all the way from New York, to our Colorado State Fair.  We wanted to pay for a space to have the bus present during the Colorado Legislative Bar-B-Que, but could not get a call back from the State Fair representative.  I guess their revenues are just fine too.  Oh, and that they don’t need any national media attention – I guess The Pueblo Chieftain has it all covered.

To not digress, I just want to say “thank you”.  Because of your ignorance and extremely ill treatment, I am creating a “David vs. Goliath” Award (attached).  This award will go to fighters like myself who must consistently beg/fight/request from their representatives and media, attention to news and stories that “we the people” feel are important.  I will look for stories all the way across the country on my journey to Washington, D.C. (you see, I am now traveling on the Liberty Bus and will get to speak to thousands of people (and representatives) around the country).  (I bet you didn’t get to hear about that from any local media, thank you for your support and coverage!) I can’t wait to tell everyone my inspiration for this award and explain my model – the City of Pueblo – where I have tried so hard to be a part of sustainable and profitable local economic development, but instead have been shut out because I am a young female capitalist “competing” with two government-run and supported farmers markets.

After the body of this letter, I have included my first email to these “representatives” so that anyone who wants to do some research on my plight, can do so.

Thank you, again, for making me a stronger person.  And if you ever have a chance to make up your lack of interest to our Forgotten Heroes – the veterans of war who have made the freedom to write this letter possible, I encourage you to do so – you can let me know your interest and I will forward you this organization’s contact information.  Please apologize on behalf of our community, our media, and our governmental “leadership”.  And may God have mercy on the empty souls that are in charge of this community’s future.


Tisha T. Casida  (If you have someone to nominate for the David vs. Goliath Award, please email us at: goodamericanpost@gmail.com)


My company is That’s Natural! Marketing & Consulting and I have operated here in Pueblo since October 2005 – I do marketing, my main piece is a publication called That’s Natural!

1.) Pueblo Regional Building requires us to pull a permit for the event every week – $30.  They also require for us to pull a permit for each vendor who uses electricity every week ($15/vendor X 3-7 vendors).  They then require us to hire a certified electrical inspector for each market to walk with Pueblo Regional building to make sure that our vendors can plug in a cord to a City/County Building that is already inspected and approved by Pueblo Regional Building – this costs us $65/hour per week.  The grand total for an eight week market this year is $1,240 – last year $1,860. (I have asked the Midtown market if they have to pull any of these permits and have them (recorded) explaining that they just pull one permit for the event and the vendors have told me that they are not required to pull permits every week).

2.) The Pueblo City-County Health Department has done the following to scare away vendors from our market:

A. Not called or emailed them back.

B. Not called or emailed me back (as the Event Coordinator) when trying to answer questions that would allow them to come to the market.

C. Made them pay an additional $100 fee even if they were already certified and inspected by another County Health Department.

D. Be completely disorganized and unwilling to share information with either me or the vendors.

**Note, I have one vendor who was told by the HARP market that they did not need to do anything extra, whereas the Pueblo City-County health department (for MY market at the Arts Center) said they did.

3.) The Pueblo City Sales Tax now requires us to have a Temporary Use Sales Tax License for every 30 days that we are operating.  This was an additional $100 plus a background check (I have a real-estate license and a concealed carry permit – I think that should be sufficient?) and required us to get 3 different signatures throughout the City.  This department has also been difficult in getting to answer questions, although they have gotten better in the past week or so.

I understand that the City of Pueblo just wants things to be safe and to make your money off of the sales.  I get it.  What I do not understand is how you can suck the life-blood out of the small businesses who make that money for you.  SEVEN VENDORS – if not more – coming from all over the state have been halted in the past two years because of the asinine behavior of the Health Department.  ALL of the time that I could be rounding up more vendors and getting people to spend more money (e.g. MORE SALES TAX REVENUES FOR THE CITY).  That is the whole point – why can’t the City let me do what I am good at?  Instead, I have to fight to stay operating.

Beyond stagnating the growth for the City of Pueblo – the behavior and treatment towards me compared to the other two markets is unfair and discriminatory.