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Faith & Love, Take 1 (Day 16)

5 Jul

Over the Holiday weekend I frequented a Catholic church that is one of many that I have went to over the years.  I watched as these wonderful people gathered, shook hands, bode each other good wishes, shared in the sacraments, and continued on their journey for the rest of the week.  It was magical.
What is so neat about people going to church?  Have you ever really contemplated faith?  In the Bible it talks about having faith the size of a mustard seed – which is puny – but think about how much power that really has behind it.  You see, faith is an all or nothing thing – if you want to have faith, then you just can’t have any fear.  Worrying is human, however, if you really want to fight the negativity – then you can’t worry, you “gotta have faith”.

My observance of people, including those who are close to me, also leads me to believe that most people are loving, giving, and caring souls.  Driving down the Interstate every day may make one think otherwise.  However, there truly are more “good people” than bad – and it is love and forgiveness that helps us move forward in a proactive and positive light.

If you attend a church or if you don’t – try to reach out to your neighbors and get to know them – more and more we are secluding ourselves and sitting in front of a television set – this is unhealthy and not doing anything great for our communities and country.  Engage with people – you may be surprised about what experiences you are missing out on.