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Tyranny = Raw Milk Producers Being Arrested

11 Sep

Tyranny is all around us – including our food supply and our choice to use natural foods and medicines in our bodies.

Rawsome Foods – a private members-only (co-op) market in Venice, California, is home to place where local community members can purchase raw milk, cheese, yogurt, and kefir.  Apparently the federal government does not have enough to be worried about with the upcoming collapse of the economic system, they have to “protect” consumers from purchasing raw food products that humans have consumed for thousands of years.

The owner, James Stewart, along with two others (Sharon Palmer (of Healthy Family Farms), and Victoria Bloch (local L.A. co-chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation)), were taken away in handcuffs. “The raid was carried out by gun carrying officers of the LA County Sheriff’s Office, the FDA, the Dept. of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control“.

The charge?  Conspiracy to sell unpasteurized milk products.  


First of all, it cannot be a conspiracy if it is a private group of knowing citizens deciding for themselves to purchase and consume these products.  Secondly, I cannot believe that our tax-payer money goes towards arresting innocent people who are actually doing good things for their local communities and economies.

I have consumed raw milk (both cow and goat) for over 4 years, and know for a fact that it is actually healthier and more beneficial to our bodies than pasteurized milk.  It really doesn’t matter what I think though, because each of us should have the right to CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES – that is what liberty is – and that is why the government should get its nose out of our choice to consume raw milk.






Positive, Proactive – Let’s Go Shopping!

7 Sep

I am becoming more and more sensitive to the media and the types of information that are sent out to people in our communities and country.

It makes me re-think what I watch, what I listen to, and how I process information.  When it comes to what I do every day, it is reminding me that I, myself, am empowered and can make my own choices to live a lifestyle that is FREE and that creates positive feelings and results.

Coming back from an event this weekend – the Chile Chili Festival at Rock Ledge Ranch, which our company That’s Natural! puts on – I am reminded of the power of doing something positive and proactive.

Each of us works in order to be able to pay our bills, create our lifestyle, and hopefully have a little bit of disposable income left over to do something fun – like purchase roasted green chile or other neat products that are available during this season of harvest.  When we purchase products from local vendors, we support their llivelihood and lifestyle – and when there are taxes that are collected on these items – we support public services and public goods.

Commerce is an awesome way to create community, it is also a great way to do good things for our environment, and help local non-profits like the Living History Association (LHA), which our event benefited last Saturday.  It is a positive and proactive way to participate in doing great things.

Why You Should Know Your Farmer/Rancher – Example TURKEY

4 Aug

Today, Cargill recalled 36 MILLION pounds of turkey believed to contain salmonella.

This is disturbing because number one, we would think that a huge multi-national corporation would have better control over its operations, and number two, the whole reason they have to recall so much is because of the inhumane food-supply-chain that cannot track millions of animals that are raised and slaughtered.

I eat meat – I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with eating meat.  HOWEVER, I do my best to know where it came from – when I do that, I am creating my own security and guarantee against sickness.  If I know and trust who is raising and humanely slaughtering an animal, then I can put my trust into that person, and feel like they have both of our best interests in mind.

When we bring FOOD closer to home, we protect our health and economies.  It is a simple concept, but can have profound reverberations in our own communities and ultimately this country.

Make a stand to know where some of your food is coming from – it could be the difference between life and death.

Faith & Love, Take 1 (Day 16)

5 Jul

Over the Holiday weekend I frequented a Catholic church that is one of many that I have went to over the years.  I watched as these wonderful people gathered, shook hands, bode each other good wishes, shared in the sacraments, and continued on their journey for the rest of the week.  It was magical.
What is so neat about people going to church?  Have you ever really contemplated faith?  In the Bible it talks about having faith the size of a mustard seed – which is puny – but think about how much power that really has behind it.  You see, faith is an all or nothing thing – if you want to have faith, then you just can’t have any fear.  Worrying is human, however, if you really want to fight the negativity – then you can’t worry, you “gotta have faith”.

My observance of people, including those who are close to me, also leads me to believe that most people are loving, giving, and caring souls.  Driving down the Interstate every day may make one think otherwise.  However, there truly are more “good people” than bad – and it is love and forgiveness that helps us move forward in a proactive and positive light.

If you attend a church or if you don’t – try to reach out to your neighbors and get to know them – more and more we are secluding ourselves and sitting in front of a television set – this is unhealthy and not doing anything great for our communities and country.  Engage with people – you may be surprised about what experiences you are missing out on.


The Ultimate GREEN DRINK

4 Jul

Green Drinks can taste like a cross between grass clippings and hay

Oh pity the taste buds when they get a whiff of this concoction.  But, it is what we must do in the name of health.  If we had grown up with this stuff then we could stomach it better.  Incredible immune systems are not for the faint of heart.

I really got this idea from a book called The Living Beauty Detox Program by Ann Louise Gittleman; her “Living Beauty Elixer” is about the same thing.  Green Drink Mixtures are stuffed full of amazing nutrients that come from “green” foods – something that the Standard American Diet (SAD) doesn’t get enough of.  A green drink packs some punch back into what we are missing from a ‘normal’ diet.  The pure and organic cranberry juice (what I mix my green drink in) is extremely beneficial for detoxifying your body and complimenting healthy liver function.

It is simple – you need the following three ingredients:

1. Organic Cranberry Juice or Organic Cranberry Juice Concentrate (my favorite is Just Cranberry Juice from R.W. Knudsen)

2. Filtered Water, Not Tap Water

3. A Super-food Green-Drink Mix (there are A LOT to choose from, one that I really like is Kyo-Green)

Mix these three ingredients together and then drink (a shaker or a blender is easiest for mixing).  If you want to get creative, you can create various smoothie combinations and possibly make it sweeter and easier to swallow.  However, I have grown accustomed to the cheek-puckering tartness of pure cranberry juice mixed with barley greens. it is not bad.

Here are some ideas for additional ingredients for smoothies:

Bananas – high in potassium and will make the mix thicker

Berries – packed full of antioxidants and can make the drink sweeter

Chia Seeds – nutrient-dense with omega-3s, omega-6s, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, fiber, and antioxidants

Flax Seeds – add fiber, lignans, and omega-3 fatty acids

Yogurt – another ingredient that will make the mix thicker and full of pro-biotics (good bacteria)

Kefir – much like yogurt, kefir is a form of cultured milk and can be made from cow’s milk, goat milk, even coconut milk (my personal favorite)


WATER – What it is and what it is not.

4 Jul

Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water, with our brains being made up of about 70% water.  So, just from a statistical standpoint, making sure that we have good, clean water is smart.  As a matter of fact, it is crucial that we have clean and ‘healthy’ drinking water.


Not too long ago, clean water sounded very simple.  In the 20th century, however, with increased development, we are relying on public water systems to store and clean our water.  In addition to this, more and more people are a part of our ecosystem – meaning more and more water is needed, consumed, and excreted.  And there are more and more substances (pollutants and otherwise) entering our ecosystems and water systems.

Recent additions and developments to our water supply include chlorine, fluoride, and nanoparticles coming from pharmaceutical drugs.  The “experts” will give you all of the reasons in the world why X amount of particulates in the water is safe for consumption.  I, Tisha Casida, as consumer and bearer of multiple chemical sensitives (MCS), will tell you that those chemicals are not that good nor safe for our consumption.  It just isn’t natural – at all – and the repercussions from drinking those particulates for X number of years, in addition to combining those particulates within a human body with a myriad of other inputs and chemicals, can simply not be tested for accuracy and effect.  It is impossible.  The only sure bet is to drink water that is clean and does not have any type of modern industrial chemical in it.  Now, this is near impossible to do, but we can take baby steps.

First step?  Try and get some type of filtration system for the water that you drink at home.  There are a bunch of them – do your research and find one that fits into your budget.

Second step?  Drink water that is of extremely high-quality a couple times a week.  Splurge and purchase some spring water, some Penta, or some other type of water that you can trust.

Next step?  Start supplementing additional nutrients into your water and overall diet that will help build up your immune system.  I found a wonderful product called Cell Food, which you can put into your water or other beverages – it is an oxygen plus nutrient (minerals, enzymes, amino acids) supplement.

Our water supply is a big deal.  It is a monumental task to get public water systems to evaluate and change how they “create” drinking water, but we can take our own steps to maintain our own health.  Start with your water that you put into your body – it has everything to do with how we feel.

CHIA SEEDS – Ancient Diet, Timeless Wisdom

4 Jul

A good friend had recommended that I read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.  It was one of those books that you just can’t put down (others that fit this category include Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, and End the Fed).  He does a fine job of illustrating the importance and forgotten love of running, its psychological importance (running to, for, and away from things), and a tribe of people called the Tarahumara.

If you even remotely like running, and perhaps if you don’t but think you might, you would love the wisdom and story that is tangled in these pages.  What I took away is a new addition to my diet (something I explored a couple years ago but never took to) – chia seeds.  Chia seeds are tiny black seeds packed full of super-nutrition.  You can purchase them in bulk at most healthfood stores, and of course you can find places to purchase them online.

The nutrients packed full in these tiny seeds include: omega-3s, omega-6s, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, fiber, and antioxidants.  The Tarahumara make iskiate – which has chia seeds dissolved in water, with a bit of sugar and lime.  I have made this substituting honey for the sugar – and it is pretty tasty.  You can also dissolve chia seeds in a juice of your choice.  (If you are using water, I strongly suggest using filtered water – the reason – tap water can have sediment in it that is not conducive to optimum health).

When you “dissolve” the seeds, it creates this gelatin-like substance.  It doesn’t look real pretty, but it tastes like whatever you dissolve it in and you can almost immediately feel the energy from the drink.  Go figure, like an all-natural energy concoction.

The Tarahumara are a tribe of very peaceful people who are also super-athletes (can run 50 miles at the drop of a hat).  Their love of their families and their community are beautiful – and our own country could use to think about implementing some of their actions into our own livelihoods.
So, if you can, pick up the book, but more importantly, give chia seeds a try.  I think you will find a wonderful addition to your diet, and see some very positive health benefits.

Resources to Check Out

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

The Magic of Chia by James F. Scheer

Teen Pregnancy in Pueblo County

2 Jul

I was reminded how serious this issue is in Pueblo County when a young girl was telling me that she had helped administer a class teaching teens how to be teen mothers.  All of that just really made me think that there is problem- shouldn’t this young girl be helping teach something like chemistry, biology, music, art, gardening, anything OTHER than how to be a teen mom?

Today in the paper, The Pueblo Chieftain reported that the Pueblo City-County Health Department used a $50,000 grant to have a health care consulting firm tell them that the reason for Pueblo’s amazingly high teen pregnancy rate is:

1. A lack of adequate sex education

2. A high use of alcohol and drugs

3. Boredom

Now,  they could have not paid me a dime to tel them about the latter two – I have grown up in Pueblo County and know the lack of infrastructure and support for our youth.  When they try to put a 29-year-old entrepreneur out of business, they are probably not going out of their way to make sure the next generation has a support system to help them grow into leaders.  This is first a SOCIAL problem and secondly a  COMMUNITY problem, and we should all hold ourselves accountable.

The first reason for a high teen pregnancy rate has some valid points, however,  shouldn’t parents be helping with some of this education?  Why is the STATE taking charge of this?  Shouldn’t our parents and communities be doing something?  Yeah, I know it is complex.   I think what is lacking is the concept of SUCCESS, of HOPE, of WORK, of DOING anything.  When you grow up without access to tools and resources to make you want to grow – emotionally, physically, spiritually – then, you don’t grow, you stagnate.  And you try to escape from reality.  Hence, boredom and the use of drugs and alcohol and having sex at a young age without understanding the potential consequences of those actions.

I pray for this community – when the teen pregnancy rates of Colorado and the rest of the nation are decreasing and Pueblo County’s are increasing – we have to take a hard look at what is going on here.  And maybe instead of reaching out to a consulting firm to explain the obvious, why don’t you use that money within our own community to provide better support systems and outlets for teens to be creative, express themselves, and have some hope for the future?

Support Sarah – Our Next Generation of True Leaders

1 Jul

There is a young woman who is making a real stand for liberty in El Paso County, Colorado.  Her name is Sarah Marie Anderson, she is 22-years-old and self-educated on F.A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises.  She started working on campaigns when she was 9 years old.  She loves liberty more than anything else – and she also understands that true liberty means breaking away from some of the messages and actions of the old-guard GOP.

I learned about Sarah from the Colorado Springs Independent, “This past February, at the meeting of the county GOP’s central committee, she was elected party secretary in a decisive victory over party stalwart Holly Williams, wife of County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams“.  WE THE PEOPLE must have wanted some new leadership and some youth at that.

After reading her story, I was able to speak with her and was captivated by her energy and desire to do something great for liberty within the GOP, which can at times be extremely corrupt and ‘backwards’ at best.  I know that is why I decided to run as an Independent in my own district, because I have already been told to sit down and shut up by the GOP leadership at the local and state level.

Since she is holding the GOP’s feet to the fire, they are now trying to get rid of her as party secretary – that is where we need YOU.  If you can do anything to help support her cause, including attending the next GOP meeting where they are trying to oust her, please do.  It will be held on Thursday, July 7  from  5:30pm – 8:30pm at the El Paso County Republican HQ, and of course you can contact us as well as we will do what we can to get you the resources you need.


Tisha Casida



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