That’s Natural!



Not too long ago, the cold harsh reality of my country’s cry for help came to full blows.   I was turned down for a story on what I do because of my “political ideology”.  I guess that my love for sustainability cannot be promoted if I love liberty and free markets. (SIGH) Oh wait a second, that is the ONLY way it would ever be sustainable – if we are free and able to make money!!

So apparently being grouped into the conservative camp (even though I would claim being Libertarian) bans one from loving recycling, clean energy, and organic food?  I don’t think so, but what do YOU think?  Can one love liberty and free markets and at the same time want to save the environment and support local food systems?

I have always believed that loving our country and loving sustainability go hand-in-hand – regardless of if you are liberal, conservative, or whatever is in between – has that changed?

That’s Natural! is where “Sustainability Meets Capitalism”.  This is where we don’t throw stones as each other for loving things like recycling or liberty, we understand and rise above the need to label, group, and otherwise make assumptions that are damaging to a little thing called “progress”.

Learn more about our company here: That’s Natural!


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